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Mack Weldon V-Neck Undershirt: a Menswear Review

As I’ve written before, I have been on the hunt for the perfect men’s undershirt for quite some time.  As a guy who wears a business suit nearly every day, finding a quality, comfortable undershirt is quite important to me.  I was frustrated about undershirts that either ballooned-up on me or kept coming untucked.  I reviewed highly popular stay-tucked brands like Tommy John and Ribbed Tee and was pretty happy with what I found.

My latest discovery, though, brings me as close to perfection as I can find – the Mack Weldon V-Neck!

Fit: Mack Weldon makes both a v-neck and a crewneck.  For this time around, I reviewed the v-neck.  Now, I am a bit finicky when it comes to v-necks. I like the v-neck when I wear an open color, but generally hate how the neck rests shorter on your neck.  As Mack Weldon describes it, “Deep (enough) V-Neck.”  The deep enough part is what I give high praises to. This is a subtle v-neck that gives you the look and comfort.  Having man-cleavage is not my goal in wearing a v-neck! And, thanks to Mack Weldon, it doesn’t have o be with their v-neck.

The undershirt is also engineered to be a slim fit – and it is.  The over fit of the shirt is such that it is snug to your body without being restrictive – like a compression shirt.  All too often, I’ve worn undershirts that cause me to have to push the sleeves down so it fits properly under my dress shirt, or I’ve had to keep pulling the undershirt down on the bottom because it keeps ballooning up.  This is NOT the case with Mack Weldon.  The overall fit is amazing!

Style: This is a great looking undershirt (as far as undershirts go).  Because this is a slim-fit cut, the shirt looks wonderful by itself.  If particular note, is the luxury look and feel of the material and the fitted sleeves. CONTINUE READING THE REST OF THE REVIEW »