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Mack Weldon V-Neck Undershirt: a Menswear Review

As I’ve written before, I have been on the hunt for the perfect men’s undershirt for quite some time.  As a guy who wears a business suit nearly every day, finding a quality, comfortable undershirt is quite important to me.  I was frustrated about undershirts that either ballooned-up on me or kept coming untucked.  I reviewed highly popular stay-tucked brands like Tommy John and Ribbed Tee and was pretty happy with what I found.

My latest discovery, though, brings me as close to perfection as I can find – the Mack Weldon V-Neck!

Fit: Mack Weldon makes both a v-neck and a crewneck.  For this time around, I reviewed the v-neck.  Now, I am a bit finicky when it comes to v-necks. I like the v-neck when I wear an open color, but generally hate how the neck rests shorter on your neck.  As Mack Weldon describes it, “Deep (enough) V-Neck.”  The deep enough part is what I give high praises to. This is a subtle v-neck that gives you the look and comfort.  Having man-cleavage is not my goal in wearing a v-neck! And, thanks to Mack Weldon, it doesn’t have o be with their v-neck.

The undershirt is also engineered to be a slim fit – and it is.  The over fit of the shirt is such that it is snug to your body without being restrictive – like a compression shirt.  All too often, I’ve worn undershirts that cause me to have to push the sleeves down so it fits properly under my dress shirt, or I’ve had to keep pulling the undershirt down on the bottom because it keeps ballooning up.  This is NOT the case with Mack Weldon.  The overall fit is amazing!

Style: This is a great looking undershirt (as far as undershirts go).  Because this is a slim-fit cut, the shirt looks wonderful by itself.  If particular note, is the luxury look and feel of the material and the fitted sleeves. CONTINUE READING THE REST OF THE REVIEW »


RibbedTee Undershirt Promo and Massive Savings

RibbedTee, one of the best, most comfortable undershirts out there, is running a promo this month you’ll want to take notice of.  If you haven’t heard of RibbedTee, you really need to check out my reviews on RibbedTee undershirts and singlets (tank tops).  RibbedTee consistently receives high marks from me – like 5/5 stars good!!

ribbedtee saleHere’s the deal, all you have to do is go to their site a couple times a day and check-in with your email address.  Every time you check-in it will be tracked and the more times you check-in the more savings you get.

After 28 check-ins, you get a 30% off coupon, after 42 you get a 40% off coupon, and after 56 check-ins you get a generous 50% off coupon!!

You can check-in up to 2 times per day (in six hour increments).  This is actually pretty easy to do – just check-in once before you go to bed and then again when you wake up.

Also, with some of the check-ins they will give you little bits of trivia about their RibbedTee.  Save these and remember them because you’ll need them to enter the grand prize giveaway of $300.

Go to RibbedTee for more details and to start Checking In.

ribbedtee micromodalribbedtee classic


RibbedTee’s New MicroModal Undershirt – A Men’s Undershirt Review

Before I get started with the review, I have to tell you that a quality undershirt is key to my wardrobe.  Without a decent undershirt, it doesn’t matter how good my shirt or suit is.  If you’ve read the Veritas blog, you certainly know the importance of an undershirt under a dress shirt.  

For me, I look for a couple of key elements in a quality, and appropriate, undershirt:

  1. Neckband and arm bands must lay flat and not be bulky
  2. Neckband must be of a comfortable material to avoid an itchy collar
  3. Seems must lay flat to avoid bulk
  4. Shirt must be long enough to stay tucked in!!  This means the shirt should come down to where your buttocks meet your legs – long enough to stay touched in without the bump across the rear. This will stop the “blousing” or fake love handles.  Really, what guy want’s to look like they have love handles when they don’t or bigger ones than they already have!
  5. Thin material to avoid adding bulk, but be of quality to not wear out too soon.
  6. Price must be doable -this varies for everyone.
The short review – RibbedTee’s new MicroModal MicroRib Undershirt met all of my requirements with flying colors!!

I previously reviewed RibbedTee’s Micromodal “Protector” singlet/tank-top, Classic Undershirt, and RIPT Fusion (slimming) – each scoring quit well in their respective categories.  What I like about RibbedTee is all of their shirts feature the extra length to help keep them tucked in.

The MicroModal MicroRib Undershirt, RibbedTee’s latest, comes in both a crew neck and v-neck.  For this review, I tried the crew neck – which I prefer under a dress shirt with a tie.  If I were to wear a shirt without a tie I’d opt for the v-neck so that it wouldn’t show underneath.

The MicroModal Undershirt is made from, obviously, a Lenzing MicroModal blended with luxury Pima cotton in a micro ribbed fabric (50/50).  For those of you new to MicroModal, it is a luxury material that is extremely light weight, breathable, eco-friendly, more durable than cotton, and silky soft.  The Pima cotton compliments this well as being recognized as one of the finest grades of cotton in the world due to its long, luxurious fibers.  So, needless to say, RibbedTee’s MicroModal undershirt is incredibly soft and comfortable.  In comparison to the other well-known stay-tucked undershirt (Tommy John), I must say that I like RibbedTee’s blend better.  Tommy John’s fabric tends to stretch out more during the day and felt more “clingy” in comparison to RibbedTee’s.

The overall fit of the undershirt was stellar.  The length of the shirt sat as it should – just at the bottom of my buttocks so it’d stay in.  An ex-Marine friend of my shared a tip a bit ago of tucking your shirt in your underwear so it wouldn’t ride up.  I did this out of necessity but hated the feel because you felt the bottom hem across your butt all day.  The miracle of this shirt is that it stays tucked in, without being in your underwear, and doesn’t hit you across the rear where you have the uncomfortable rub all day.

There are a few stay-tucked undershirts on the market today.  As of this writing, and in my opinion, I’d rank RibbedTee at the top of the list of stay-tucked undershirts for it’s quality, comfort MicroModal/Pima Cotton blend, function, and value.  At $29 it is an expensive undershirt – considering you can buy a pack of Hanes for much less.  

Before trying a stay-tucked undershirt there was no way I thought I’d pay close to $30 for an undershirt; after trying stay-tucked undershirts there’s no way I’d buy a regular undershirt – no matter how cheap it is.  With RibbedTee, you’re definitely getting what you pay for!  If you’re still not sure about $30 for an undershirt, you can always try RibbedTee’s Classic undershirt at two for $18.50 – also a stay-tucked design (see my review).  The MicroModal is definitely a luxury undershirt, but aren’t you worth it?  Either way, MicroModal or Classic, you can’t go wrong!

** The picture shown is of RibbedTee’s v-neck MicroModal – same material and quality as the crew neck I tried.


Keep checking Menswear Review for the latest sales information and reviews on men’s underwear and clothing.


Overall Rating
Easily a favorite and definitely recommend
Fit perfect
Hey, it’s an undershirt – but yes it looks great by itself too
A perfect blend
Very well made –  and tagless!

Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 42″ chest)

What do YOU think?  Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this post.  Do you like what you’ve read/seen?  Have anything extra you would like to add?   Add your comments and make yourself heard!


N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton V-Neck Tee – A Tee Review

I just published my review on N2N’s Classic Cotton Pouch Brief earlier today and published a review on their Classic Cotton Boxster a few days ago.  Today’s review is on N2N’s Classic Cotton V-neck Tee (UN15)

The Classic Cotton V-Neck Tee is made from the same light cotton/spandex blend as the Classic Cotton Boxster and Classic Cotton Pouch Brief I reviewed earlier.The blend of 90% cotton/10 % spandex blend was very thin, soft and comfortable.

I found the tee to be quite comfortable.  The material, as I wrote, is very thin which makes it perfect for hot weather wearing and lounging.  I like the look of the v-neck and prefer them when wearing a shirt without a tie.  I would like to see N2N make this shirt in crewneck. The length of the tee is standard length.  Since this is geared more as a fashion, lounge tee vs an undershirt I was pleased with how long it was.  Other brands that promote as an undershirt come in longer, stay-tucked lengths for under dress shirts.  While I would select this for wearing under a dress shirt, it’d be one of my first pics for lounging or casual wear.

All around, a versatile, comfortable t-shirt.  The Classic Cotton V-Neck tee is $24 (USD) and is coordinated with N2N’s Classic Cotton underwear.  The V-neck is available in: black, white, violet ice, and golden mist.

Where to buy N2N Bodywear?

Keep checking Menswear Review for the latest sales information and reviews on men’s underwear and clothing.


Overall Rating:  4.5/5

A comfortable, fashionable v-neck
Style:  4./5 

A good looking v-neck for casual or loungewear
Fabric:  5/5

Pape-thin soft cotton
Fit:  4.5/5
Very comfortable
Quality:  5/5
Well made 
Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 42 chest)

What do YOU think?  Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this post.  Do you like what you’ve read/seen?  Have anything extra you would like to add?   Add your comments and make yourself heard!


RibbedTee’s New Micromodal Undershirt

RibbedTee Has Launched its NEW Micromodal Undershirt!

RibbedTee’s new undershirt is made from a super-soft micromodal/pima cotton blend.  This should be an awesome t-shirt if it feels anything like the new “Protector” singlet I reviewed that they launched a bit ago.  

The great thing about the RibbedTee collections is that they’re longer so the shirt stays tucked in under a dress shirt.  This is a huge deal for guys who wear dress shirts on a regular basis.  Check out RibbedTee’s website for more information

Keep checking Menswear Review for the latest sales information and reviews on men’s underwear and clothing.


RibbedTee’s New "Protector" Singlet Review

In a recent post, I announced RibbedTee’s new “Protector” singlet.  Well, I’ve had the honor of trying the new singlet out and boy am I glad I did! This new singlet (or tanktop undershirt) is made from a super soft Lenzing modal and cotton blend.  The cut and fit of this singlet is near perfect.  I typically don’t wear singlets often except for summer time but the Protector may change that.  This is by far my favorite singlet!  I really can’t recommend this highly enough.

As a bonus, and hat I also like about the new singlet, it’s a tanktop with a cause.  RibbedTee will donate 50¢ to a charity that provides aid & support to victims of domestic violence – trying to change the “wifebeater” slang.

Overview of the RibbedTee Protector
  • Luxurious Lenzing Modal / Cotton ribbed knit blend makes this tank Ultra-soft. 
  • More absorbent, more durable, and more color brilliant than standard 100% cotton tank tops
  • No Spandex 
  • Longer cut keeps this tank tucked in throughout the day
  • Perfect for wearing as active wear or casual everyday wear 
  • Designed to shrink down to size
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Tagless 


    Ribbed knit 2×1, 50% Lenzing Modal, 50% Combed Cotton
    Colors: White, Black (coming soon)

    Keep checking Menswear Review for the latest sales information and reviews on men’s underwear and clothing.

    Overall Rating:  5/5
    Very soft and comfortable
    Style:  5/5 
    Good looking undershirt/singlet
    Fabric:  5/5
    SOFT Lenzing modal/cotton blend
    Fit:  5/5
    Comfortable and stayed tucked in!
    Quality:  5/5
    Seem to be well made
    Size I Wore:  L


    RibbedTee Launches The "Protector"

    RibbedTee Launches New Tank Top

    A new tank top for men is on a mission to beat down the term “wifebeater.”  Mike Schwarz is the founder of, which sells stylish, sleeved men’s undershirts that are ribbed like a typical wifebeater.  Today, his company will launch a line of fitted men’s tank tops but instead of calling them “wifebeaters,” they’ll be dubbed “Protectors.”  That’s because Schwarz has always found the term “wifebeater” – in reference to a tank top – trashy and offensive.  He’s hoping the “Protector” changes the way people see ribbed tanks and stamps out the politically incorrect term for good.  

    Schwarz’s new and improved undershirts are more “luxurious, durable, and vibrant” than regular tanks, so that should also help boost the garment’s image.  He’s looking to team up with charities and donate proceeds from the “Protector” to victims of domestic violence.

    A Tank with a Cause: The Protector
    RibbedTee will donate 50¢ to a charity that provides aid & support to victims of domestic violence.

    What’s new with RibbedTee?

    • Luxurious Lenzing Modal / Cotton ribbed knit blend makes this tank Ultra-soft. 
    • More absorbent, more durable, and more color brilliant than standard 100% cotton tank tops
    • No Spandex to weigh this tank top down
    • Longer cut keeps this tank tucked in throughout the day
    • Perfect for wearing as active wear or casual everyday wear 
    • Designed to shrink down to size
    • Made in the U.S.A. 
    • Tagless 


    Ribbed knit 2×1, 50% Lenzing Modal, 50% Combed Cotton
    Colors: White, Black (coming soon)


    Men’s Valentine Day Shopping Guide ….

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!
    It’s time to starting thinking about what you’ll be wearing (or not)!  
    I’ve pulled together a list of suggestions for this special day.  I’ve selected these brands based on personal reviews and brand reputation.  I’ve noted where I’ve already reviewed the particular brand and which ones I’ll be reviewing in the near future.  Some brands have listed their Valentin’e Day promo and others will be forthcoming.  Check back often for the latest sales!  I give you …

    Menswear Review’s 
    Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide

    Menswear Review Valentine’s Day Guide

    Suggested stores for finding these great brands…



    And Their Hardwear
    Boys and their Hardwear



    Iz Pantz

    Magic Silk





    Male Power

    Marc Ouest

    Mundo Unico



    Nation Up North




    Piss ‘n’ Vinegar






    Review: Red Dog Sportswear – A Classic Pair

    Red Dog Sportwear Underwear and T-Shirts, made from organic cotton, are a great brand.  I had the opportunity to review their boxer brief and t-shirt.  Before I get into the fit of these trunk briefs, I’d like to point out how cool it is that they are another eco-friendly company.  All of their products are SKAL certified organic cotton and they only work with manufacturers who follow their philosophy.

    The trunk brief reminds me of a typical white ribbed cotton trunk brief.  The cut is quit comfortable and there was ample, supportive, room up front.  A classic cotton trunk brief are actually one of my staple styles.  I do wish, though, that they’d come in a few more styles – perhaps this will happen as their company grows.

    The t-shirt, also made from the same organic cotton, was comfortable as a lounging around shirt.  The ribbed cotton is cottony soft and comfortable.  I like the red stitching on the shirt which added some style to the t-shirt.

    Overall, both the boxer brief and the t-shirt are great products that you’ll be happy with.  

    Red Dog Sportswear sells their products through an Amazon store.  If you’re looking for a classic trunk brief or comfy t-shirt, check ‘em out, you’ll be glad you did.


    Overall Rating:  4/5

    Good classic product that’s eco-friendly 

    Style:  3/5
    Class styling

    Fabric:  4/5

    Soft organic cotton

    Fit:  4/5

    Comfortable fit

    Quality:  5/5

    Very well made with a heavier cotton material

    Size I Wore:  M


    JM Bamboo Collection – Simple Luxury

    JM, A brand known for its fashion-forward styling and extremely comfortable fit and cut scores big with me on their Bamboo Collection. I tried the Bamboo pouch boxer brief (#92537) and the Bamboo T-Shirt (#92571).  The Bamboo Collection is made from this incredibly luxurious 92% Bamboo/8% Spandex blend that just feels incredible on.  The T-shirt is a decent weight of material and can be worn by itself for casual-wear or as loungewear.  The Bamboo pouch boxer maintains the same luxurious bamboo material and is incredibly comfortable to wear all day.  It’s so comfortable, I even wore it as loungewear too!  The pouch of the boxer is very comfortable, holding you comfortably.  The legs of the boxer brief stay in place and don’t ride up during the day.  These are easily one of my favorites and would highly recommend.

    JM, a Canadian company, is a well know brand around the world and has some other wonderful collections as well including: Bamboo, Ecoskinz, Sport, Athletix, Basix, Koton, Koton Plus, Skinz, Natura and Action.  In addition to underwear and loungewear, JM also produces a swimwear line with some great looking designs.

    Look for additional JM underwear reviews in the next few days.


    Overall Rating:  5/5

    Incredibly soft and comfortable!

    Style:  5/5 
    A great look for the casual man

    Fabric:  5/5

    Simply, WOW!

    Fit:  5/5

    Fit VERy well

    Quality:  5/5

    Seem to be made very well – washed and worn multiple times

    Size I Wore:  Shirt: L and Boxer Brief: M


    Sculptees – The Body Sculpting Wonder!

    UPDATE:  Menswear Review readers can save 15% at Sculptees now through December 20th.  
    Enter Code: mwr150ff

    I’ve recently had the pleasure of
    trying the
    Scultptees Slim, T-Slim, and Pex. Wonderful would be an

    The Sculptees Slim (tanktop) is
    designed to help sculpt your physique. The Slim has a ribbed knit
    design that runs from top to bottom, comfortably slimming your
    mid-section. Because of the design, I didn’t feel any seems – which
    made for comfortable wearing. The Slim is a compression tanktop, but
    it didn’t compress to the point where I was uncomfortable. I wore
    the Slim under a fitted t-shirt all day and was really quite
    comfortable. The Slim did a fantastic job of fading my Thanksgiving
    Day sins. :-) At $58, it’s well priced for a slimming shirt.

    The Sculptees T-Slim (undershirt) is a
    body sculpting mesh t-shirt. I really liked how the T-Slim fit,
    performed and looked! The shirt looks really small when you first
    pull it out of the package, but it has wonderful stretch. The tight
    (but not overly tight) t-shirt sculpts your body, giving a more
    muscular look. I found the shirt enhanced my pecs and biceps. The
    material is a lightweight mesh that breaths well and wicked away
    sweat while I worked out. The T-Slim is $78 but worth the price. Of
    the three styles, this was my favorite.

    The Sculptees Pex (tanktop) is designed
    to hug your waist, but not your pecs. The fit is similar to the
    T-Slim except that the top of the shirt (pecs) doesn’t have the
    compression. This is really for when you just want to control your
    waistline and aren’t concerned about your pecs. Similar to the
    T-Slim, it is also a ribbed knit nylon material. I also found this
    shirt to be comfortable and did as described – slimmed my waist.
    At $58 is the same price as the T-Slim – you just need to decide if
    you want full compression or just on your waist.

    All in all, I really liked all three
    styles. My favorite is the T-Slim – really liked how it looked on
    me and felt. I would easily wear any of these 3 under a dress shirt
    for work or out for fun. Prices are similar to the RIPT and Equmen.
    The Equmen gave me a tad better back support but I liked how the
    Sculptees T-Slim looked on my better. The choice is yours, you won’t
    be disappointed with any of the three styles.

    Get yours for the holidays – you’ll
    want to look good after all the holiday treats!

    You can buy Sculptees factory direct or
    Freshpair (free shipping) – both sell for $58 for the Slim
    and Pex or $78 for the T-Slim.   


    Overall Rating:  5/5

    High Quality, great color choice, very comfortable, worked great!

    Style:  5/5
    Tanktops are average, T-Slim is sexy with great color selection

    Fabric:  5/5

    Great comfortable material that breathes well

    Fit:  3/5

    Fit like a Sculptees, er make that glove :-)

    Quality:  5/5

    Very well made, washed well

    Size I Wore:  L/XL


    Tommy John … think affordable luxury!

         When I think of Tommy John, I think luxury.  I recently had the opportunity to try a Tommy John crewneck undershirt and briefs.  This review is on the Tommy John crewneck Undershirt.     
         As someone who wear a shirt and tie every day (often 12-14 hour days) comfort is of great importance to me.  I often find myself needing to go to the restroom just so I can pull my undershirt back down.  Too often, my undershirts bunch up around may waist giving me love handles I don’t have.  When I heard about the Tommy John undershirt, I was skeptical that an undershirt could really stay tucked.  I was also skeptical that it would feel like a “second skin”  – boy, was I wrong!!
         The Tommy John Second Skin undershirt is simply amazing.  The silky Micro Modal fabric is so lightweight it really feels like I’m not wearing an undershirt – yes, like it really is my second skin.  The super soft material is very stretchy without being clingy to you.  I can see how any man, regardless of physique, will be comfortable in this shirt.
         The Second Skin undershirt is more expensive ($36) than the RibbedTee (2/$20) or the Jockey Go ($23), but they’re not the same undershirt.  All three do stay tucked in throughout the day – that’s where the similarity ends.  The Second Skin is by far the most comfortable to wear.  The RibbedTee is quite a bit less ($10/ea) but you know you’re wearing an undershirt.  If you have the money, I’d buy the Tommy John.  If the price is too steep, go with the RibbedTee.  You may want to buy one of each and decide if the price is worth it for your self.

    You can buy these at for $36 or on sale at Freshpair for $30.60.


    Overall Rating:  5/5

    Luxury at an affordable price

    Style:  5/5
    Great form-fitting style

    Fabric:  5/5

    Luxury softness

    Fit:  5/5

    The best I’ve tried

    Quality:  5/5

    Very well made

    Size I Wore:  L


    Equmen Core Precision Undershirt – do yourself a favor

    The Equmen Core Precision is simply fantastic. When I first
    tried it on, I was concerned it was going to be too tight. After a few minutes,
    the shirt felt very comfortable. After moving too many Christmas decorations, I
    had strained my back earlier in the week. Throughout the day, I couldn’t help
    but notice how Equmen was actually helping my back. The design of the shirt
    itself is engineered to reduce back pain and support your core.

    According to Equmen, their shirt was made to fit tight in
    order to give optimum performance. Equmen reports that the undershirt was
    designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and ergonomic specialists to
    improve posture, reduce back pain and provide core support.You can easily tell
    from looking at the shirt that it was purposefully engineered to match your
    physiology. The high quality fabric (73% polyester, 13% nylon, 14% spandex) is
    really a very comfortable blend of materials.

    From a comfort perspective, I’ve mentioned that the shirt
    was comfortable all day (and this was under a dress shirt). What I haven’t
    mentioned is that I typically am skeptical of v-neck shirts as the collar on
    often doesn’t come high enough on my neck for my comfort. The Core Precision,
    on the other hand fit like a glove and sat on my neck like a typical crew
    It’s important to know that after I wore the Core Precision
    all day under my business suit, I came home to exercise and then shovel the
    foot of snow that was dumped during the day. I found the shirt to be incredible
    for wicking away sweat without making me cold. In addition, the helix-mapping
    helped my back-straining labor of shoveling heavy snow. I simply couldn’t have
    asked for a better shirt.

    I can easily see multiple purposes – as a typical
    undershirt, for exercise, as a base-layer, and for its slimming qualities. I
    haven’t mentioned this yet, but in high school I was a swimmer with a swimmer
    build – college and marriage have added a few pounds. I really appreciated the
    slimming power of the shirt. Have a wedding or class reunion you’re going to
    attend? Get one of these to help you out!

    The Core Precision undershirt is available in black, grey,
    and white. It comes in a longsleeve, crewneck, and tanktop.  Main competitors are the RIPT Fusion ($58) and Sclulptee ($78).  RIPT gives you the slimming qualities but not the back support.  Sculptees gives you nearly the same qualities as Equmen.  Equmen gave me better back support, but Sculptees was better at slimming.

    In sum, everyone guy should own at least one of the Core
    Precision undershirts. If you have back problems, you should probably own a
    few. At $99 each they are expensive but oh so worth it.  I haven’t tried the longsleeve or
    tanktop but can only assume they’re just as awesome as the v-neck.  I’ve just added Equmen to my list of favorites.


    Overall Rating:  5/5

    Worth the money 

    Style:  5/5
    Great styling and helps you look slimmer

    Fabric:  5/5

    It’s what makes it so great

    Fit:  5/5

    Fit like a glove and was comfortable all day

    Quality:  5/5

    Extremely well design and constructed

    Size I Wore:  L

    Freshpair is having a SALE on Equmen!
    Buy any 2 Equmen tops, get FREE Equmen brief!

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    Save 10% at RibbedTee

    Exclusive Sale for Menswear Review Readers

    Save 10% off at RibbedTee

    Use Coupon Code:  MenswearReview

    * Sale excludes clearance items and RIPT Fusion

    See the full review on the RibbedTee Classic Undershirt

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    RIPT FUSION Slimming Undershirt

    RibbedTee RIPT Fusion (pronounced “Rip Tee”) does the job of helping the post-holiday weight gain.
    The RIPT FUSION is a body-sculpting (or slimming) undershirt. It claims to support your core, shave inches off your midsection, and enhance your posture. I would agree that the shirt is slimming, but I don’t know that I’d go as far to say that it helped my posture or supported my core.  As a slimming shirt it did a great job.
    The shirt is paneled and made out of 3 different materials – Top: 100% Cotton, Body Panel: 79% Polyester, 21% Spandex. Wearing it all day, I did find it comfortable and it did stay tucked. The slimming feature was nice when wearing a fitted shirt and lowrise pants (still recovering from Thanksgiving).
    At $58 it is a bit pricey, but not as much as the $99 Equmen. Depending on what you want in the shirt, you should be happy with the RIPT Fusion. If you just need the slimming effect, you can get away with the RIPT. If you also need the core support and back support, you may want to consider spending the extra money for the Equmen or the Sculptee at $78.


    Overall Rating:  4/5

    Average for a body-sculpting shirt 

    Style:  3/5
    The 3 panel is rather unusual looking

    Fabric:  3/5

    The fabrics themselves are of decent quality

    Fit:  4/5

    Slimming, but didn’t address back and core.  Collar was a at standard crew neck height.

    Quality:  4/5

    Stitching and workmanship is solid

    Size I Wore:  L


    RibbedTee Classic Undershirt Performs as Promised

    The RibbedTee Classic Undershirt performs as promised.  As someone who wears an undershirt 5 days a week under my shirt and tie, comfort in an undershirt is paramount. Often, I have had problems with the undershirts untucking throughout the day – causing me to go to the restroom and tuck it back in throughout the day. I also don’t like how traditional undershirts add bulk. With the RibbedTee Classic, I’m happy to report that I didn’t have any problems with the shirt untucking itself and bunching up. In addition, I found the material to be of a reasonable thickness.

    The shirt, made of 100% cotton, reminds me of a typical ribbed tank-top, but with sleeves. The length of the shirt is quite long, but this adds to its ability to stay tucked in. I was fearful I’d feel the hem of the shirt throughout the day, but had no problems. The shirt does lose some of it’s tightness throughout the day, but didn’t cause me any problems. After a washing, the shirt tightened right back up. Because the undershirt is similar to the typical ribbed tank top, the neckline wasn’t as high as I typically like.  

    When I think about my Jockey Go Stretch undershirt and compare it to the RibbedTee – hands down, I’d buy the RibbedTee — AND for LESS money!!

    At about $10 each, the shirt is a great buy for accomplishing the goal of finding an undershirt that stays tucked all day.


    Overall Rating:  4/5

    A great value for the price
    Style:  3/5
    It’s an undershirt
    Fabric:  3/5
    The cotton fabric was comfortable

    Fit:  4/5

    Fit well and didn’t bunch up

    Quality:  4/5

    Seems to be made well.  Good value for the price.
    Size I Wore:  L

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    Use Coupon Code:  MenswearReview

    * Sale excludes clearance items and RIPT Fusion.
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    Undershirt Reviews – Day 4

    Day 4 of the undershirt reviews.  Today, I’m wearing the Tommy John undershirt and briefs.  First impressions … where have they been all my life?  A full review is forthcoming in the next few days.


    Undershirt Reviews – Day 3

    Today is day 3 for reviewing undershirts from RibbedTee, Equmen, Sculptees, and Tommy John.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of trying the Equmen Core Precision undershirt and boxer brief – I really, really liked both.  I will post a full review after all 4 have been reviewed.
    Today, I’m trying the RipT by RibbedTee.  This is their compression undershirt.  So far, it works as advertised.  More on this after the week’s over.
    Stay tuned ….

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