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MaleBasics Athletic Microfiber Trunk: a Men’s Underwear Review

Yesterday, we reviewed the  Malebasics Athletic Microfiber Boxer Brief.

Today’s review is on the Malebasics Athletic Microfiber Trunk. The overall fit of the Microfiber Boxer Brief was very similiar the to Malebasics Microfiber Boxer Brief – the difference really being the length of the legs. Overall, these were comfortable and supportive.I would actually say that I prefer the trunk over the boxer brief.  After a full day of wearing the boxer brief, the hair on my legs were irritated from being matted down, whereas with the trunk you don’t have that problem.

As previously stated, I was first worried about feeling the contrasting stitching. To my delight, Malebasics used a flat stitch which provides a striking aesthetics without the irritation of a traditional stitch. Even with standard-length legs, the legs stayed in place and didn’t have any problems with riding up.

The pouch was comfortable and supportive, not too tight and not too loose. The material and stitching provides a great look and feel for your butt. The microfiber material used is decent. The fabric is made from a blend of 78% nylon and 22% spandex. It’s soft to the touch, breathable and creates a nice look.

The trunk is available in more colors, including Black, White, Red,  and Turquoise.

Where to buy Malebasics? Malebasics’s own online store

mbm01-white2 mbm01-red1 mbm01-turq2 mbm01-red2 mbm01-black1

Menswear Review Ratings Size I Wore: M (I’m a 34″ waist)


What do YOU think? If you’ve tried these yourself, please add your rating too!

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MaleBasics Athletic Microfiber Trunk: a Men’s Underwear Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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One Response to “MaleBasics Athletic Microfiber Trunk: a Men’s Underwear Review”

  • Geoff:

    Why would you not wear these, they are superbly comfy, feel great as they are silky, make you look good and are just great undies. I wear all of the Malebasics performance range, brief, trunk and boxer brief and they are all just as good. If I had a preference I like the trunk or boxer briefs as I like the bike short look and feel.

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