N2N Bodywear at Menswear Review
International Jock

Under Briefs
International Jock
Under Briefs
International Jock
N2N Bodywear at Menswear Review
International Jock
Under Briefs

Under Briefs


N2N Bodywear Vintage Boxer: a Men’s Underwear Review

As we wrote before, the N2N Bodywear Vintage Collection is amazing! Available as g-string, trunk, brief, bikini, jock, slingshot, trunk and boxer there’s a fit for any guy. The collection is features and incredibly comfortable 90% rayon 10% spandex blend, a throwback look, and is super comfortable. In our review of the N2N Vintage Brief, we gave it an overall score of 9/10!

Today’s review is on the Vintage Boxer. The overall fit of the Vintage Boxer was incredible. The fit is snug without being restrictive, and the light blend of spandex gives you the comfort of cotton with just enough stretch to form to your package. The cut is lowrise for a very sexy look. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the Vintage Boxer, like the Vintage Brief, is the pouch. There is just a bit of elastic under the pouch to lift and support your package – leaving you with a enhanced look. ;-)

I loved the covered elastic waistband. The waistband is very comfortable and aides in the overall vintage look. The long legs of the boxer, along with the enhancing bulge-producing pouch, you’re sure to be noticed!

The overall look of the Vintage Boxer is sexy, masculine look. The colors options of Ash, Dust Blue, and Rouge Red. All-in-all, I loved the Vintage Boxer and would get another pair without hesitation.

Where to buy N2N Bodywear? N2N’s own online store

 N2N Vintage Boxer Grey N2N Vintage Boxer Full N2N Vintage Boxer Closeup

Menswear Review Ratings Size I Wore: M (I’m a 34″ waist)


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