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Stonemen Underwear gets a rave review from me. A fairly young brand, Stonemen really brings it home with their fun line of men's briefs. Perhaps I was neglected as a child with only plain underwear because I really like the fun designs Stonemen carries. Is it ok to have fun in your underwear? I say yes! It's odd, but it was simply fun to wear a pair of Stonemen. So, from a style rating I give them strong kudus.

In comfort, they were great! I found Stonemen to be comfortable all day – keeping my, er, stones happy. Made from a great blend of 90% cotton/10% elastine along with a soft cotton waistband, the material is soft with just the right amount of give.
The cut of the brief is somewhere between a brief and a mini-boxer — square cut. A bit more coverage than a tighty whitey and a bit less than a mini-boxer. They also make them in a rib style and a boxer brief style, all in a variety of fun colors and styles. I tried the ducks, but easily have selected all of the designs!
At $35 AUS / $32 US they are on the higher end of price, but I say they are worth it. If you like to wear fun underwear, these are a must have for your drawer. Check 'em out, you won't regret it. They're certainly on my favorites list. 

Size I Wore:  L


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