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Baskit Fine Lines Trunk – A Men’s Underwear Review

A few months ago I wrote a review on the /baskit/ Snugfit Seamless Fishnet Trunk.  I was impressed by its comfort and the sexiness of the fishnet material.  

Today, I've had the pleasure of trying their Fine Lines Trunk.  When the collection was first being released, I was intrigued by the sexiness of the half sheer, half opaque look of the trunk.  Without a doubt, these are some sexy trunks.  The material, a blend of 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex, creates a soft, shiny, stretchy fabric that wraps around your body.  The overall feel and look of the fabric was wonderful and is available in Indigo and Ivory.

In front, you find a somewhat contoured pouch.  While the pouch isn't fully contoured (i.e. pouch) it does provide adequate room and support.  Because of the 10% Spandex, the material is stretchy enough to hold and support you.

The overall fit was quite comfortable.  Being a trunk, there was a full rear seat that didn't have any bothersome seams to irritate you.  The leg bands were comfortable and kept them in place and the waistband was equally comfortable.

All-in-all, a sexy comfortable lowrise trunk that is sure to peak the interest of its viewers.  I can recommend these to you and feel they are a good buy at approximately $20 (depending on where you buy them.)  If you like the Fine Lines Collection, you can also find them as a Thong, Brief or Square Cut.

As their product page states, “A Fine Line Between Covering It Up … And Showing It Off.”

Check out the /baskit/ site for more information and other styles.


Overall Rating
Comfortable and sexy
A comfortable trunk
A balance between showing off and teasing the viewer 🙂 
Half sheer, half opaque
Well made

Size I Wore:  M (I'm a 34″ waist)

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