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FREE Jock or Underwear at Jockstrap Central

There’s just a few days left for you to cash in on Jockstrap Central’s trick OR treat offer.  Shop at Jockstrap Central between now and October 31st (at midnight) you’ll not only get 10% off your order but with every order they’ll be including a free gift!

It couldn’t be easier, just start shopping and you’ll find all their products, including jockstrap, underwear, shorts, tank tops, wrestling singlets and more all marked down by 10%. Once you’ve finished shopping, simply complete your order as normal and on the final (receipt) page you’ll be asked your waist size. When They process and ship your order, they’ll include a free gift.

* Although the choice of the free jockstrap or underwear is theirs, you will be asked to give your waist size on the final checkout page (the online receipt) so they can choose an appropriately sized gift. The free gift is from their vast selection of samples and over stocked items we have on hand. As always, offer can not be applied retroactively.

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Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap: a Men’s Underwear Review

The Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap has a built in package hammock that gives your package a nice lift.

FIT: The regular pouch is comfortable and spacious enough for your whole package and the external pouch hammock, located right under your balls, provides a natural and subtle lift and creates an attractive bulge. On the other hand, the leg straps are way too long and they don’t feel as tight as I’d like them to be.

STYLE: The package hammock is invisible to the eye, but you can definitely notice the charm and lift of it. The 1 inch waistband and leg straps are appropriate for the look.

FABRIC: Made out of 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex gives CONTINUE READING THE REST OF THE REVIEW »


N2N Bodywear Waistband Jock – a Men’s Underwear Review

Over the past year, I’ve reviewed a number item from N2N’s 2010 Collection. While today’s review is not a new item for N2N, it’s definitely worth looking at. I’ve always been keen on the Waistband Collection and after my review of the Waistband Trunk, Waistband Brief, and Waistband Bikini, I was looking forward to reviewing the Waistband Jock.

Made from a quality Cotton (90%) / Spandex (10%) blend, same as the rest of the Waistband collection, I found the material to be the traditional cottony soft. The mix of Spandex N2N uses adds the needed stretch and retention missing from 100% cotton. The combination of the two works very well together and is an appropriate mix for comfort and support.

One of things make the Waistband Collection a hit is the pouch design. The pouch is contoured to provide support and N2N Waistband Jockcomfort. Your package fits comfortably in the pouch and is accented with the contrasting color details.White or black with red highlights is really a sharp combo.  While jocks often hold things in for sport, the Waistband Jock has a bit more room without eliminating its functionality as a sport jock.  For my purposes, I’d likely wear this more as a fashion jock than for sport, but you could wear it for either.

For the straps, I think it is this that sets it apart from some of the other jocks I’ve tried.  The jockstraps are wrapped in the cotton material rather than the typical elastic bands.  What this creates is the usefulness of the elastic for support and retention, but the cotton adds incredible comfort over the feeling you typically have from straight elastic straps.  For me, this puts the N2N Waistband Jock as one of my all-time favorite jocks.

Overall, I love the N2N Waistband Jock. I can confidently recommend these to you and have and are, like I said, one of my favorites. I think you’ll be very pleased with these.

Reasonably priced at $10 (USD) you can’t go wrong, they’re a great buy (normally $18)!

Where to buy N2N Bodywear?
N2N’s own online store

N2N Waistband JockN2N Waistband JockN2N Waistband Jock

Menswear Review Ratings
Size I Wore: M (I’m a 34″ waist)


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Jockstrap Central Adds PPU Jocks

Be sure to check out the latest addition to Jockstrap Central: PPU Jockstraps. PPU has created quite the visually stunning jockstrap, incorporating a couple of unique and effective features.

Like all jockstraps, the elastic leg straps join up to the waistband but these straps continue parallel until they meet the pouch forming a sexy slit. Both the duo-colored 1 inch leg straps and 1.5 inch waistband with PPU logo incorporated into it are made of a super-soft plushed elastic and are extremely comfortable.

The mostly cotton pouch has a hint of spandex for shape retention and includes a striking contrasting piping around the outside. We have the new PPU jockstraps in black and white or orange and black.

Think designer styling with department store pricing!

Jockstrap Central


JockStrap Central Because They’re Hot Sale

Jockstrap Central is clearing space for some fantastic upcoming products so for the Holidays they have marked down selected items from McKillop, JM, Zakk, Male Power, Go Softwear, Nasty Pig, Colt and Dirty Fukker up to 25% off. The Holiday Clearance keeps going but, quantities and sizes are limited so get them while because they’re hot at Jockstrap Central

jockstrap central sale


Good Devil Mesh Jock: A Men’s Underwear Review

Devilishly Fun, Good Devil Underwear has raised some excitement here at Menswear Review. You may recall our reviews on Good Devil’s Net G-STring, Preview Jock, and more!  Today’s review is on their ultra sexy Good Devil Mesh Jock.good devil-mesh-jockstrap

The Good Devil Mesh Jock I recently had the opportunity to wear does not disappoint. Just like all the other styles I have reviewed from Good Devil, I had a great time with them!

The front pouch is made of a fine silky feeling mesh that gives adequate support for normal wear and has that barely there feeling. I wouldn’t recommend them for athletics due to the airy light support they give, but they are extremely comfortable for wearing under jeans or shorts. The pouch has a soft contrasting ribbing that rounds it out lifting nicely under the package before connecting to a separate mesh area that actually attaches to the rear side elastics. This design seems to be more comfortable than others in which the pouch attaches directly to the elastic rear straps. The flat seams also add to the comfort and help to eliminate any irritation.

The wide elastic waistband is soft and comfortable and has the Good Devil logo stylishly printed in contrast. The rear elastic straps are made with the same softness and comfortably stay in place.

The red and black pair I wore really went along with the Devilish theme and looked great on. An awesome addition to any underwear drawer!  You can get this in black, red, white or royal.

For more information on Good Devil, check out the Good Devil website.  To pick up a pair for yourself, they are available now at Underwear Station and Mensuas.

good devil-mesh-jockstrap backgood devil-mesh-jockstrap white

Overall Rating [rating=5]

Fit [rating=5] lightly supportive

Style [rating=5] Devilishly sexy

Fabric [rating=5] airy comfort

Quality [rating=5] excellent quality

Size I Wore: M (I’m a 31″ waist)

What do YOU think? Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this post. Do you like what you’ve read/seen? Have anything extra you would like to add? Add your comments and make yourself heard!

Keep checking Menswear Review for the latest sales information and reviews on men’s underwear and clothing.


Bum Chum Sheer Sneak Peek Range

DGU just stocked the new Bum Chums sneak peek sheer transparent jockstrap, brief and hipster – hot!

Bum Chum Sheer Underwear


Gregg Homme Forbidden Range at Jockstap Central

Gregg Homme describes their latest “Forbidden” range of products (jockstraps, boxer briefs and briefs) as “translucid underwear” and is certainly the most sexually charged of all their offerings (and if you know Gregg Homme, that’s quite a bold statement.)

Like many of their recent creations, the Forbidden range all include Gregg Homme’s signature crossed elastic support system to maximize your bulge. The opening is covered in a four way stretch mesh with a fully functional zipper for easy access (or escape depending on the occasion.) That functionality is demonstrated on Jockstrap Central by their handsome Venezuelan model Feer, just considered yourself warned, it’s not safe for work!

Although the jockstrap, boxer brief and brief all have their own unique features, they all integrate a gorgeous completely see-through durable mesh with high-gloss leather-look nylon and spandex paneling. Also of note is that the Forbidden jockstrap is actually a combination of a jockstrap and a thong with two jock leg straps but with an additional thong strap running down the center.

For a limited time, Jockstrap Central has got the Forbidden line at introductory pricing below the msrp (manufacturer’s suggested retail price,) plus combined with their free and discounted shipping offer for all product totals over $50 going on until November 14th, you can save big time.

forbidden gregg homme


Choose Trick or Treat at Jockstrap Central Halloween Sale

You may be too old to go door to door, but Jockstrap Central is handing out treats.

When you place an order between now and midnight on Sunday on Jockstrap Central, you can choose either “trick” for a 10% discount or choose “treat” for a free Halloween gift.

To take advantage of this great offer, once you’ve placed anything into your shopping cart over on their website, just type in either “trick” or “treat” (without the quotes) into the coupon box on your shopping cart page and then click the Add Coupon button.”


New PPU and Lucky13 Sale at Mensuas

The complete line of 2010 PPU Underwear is now available, in stock at Mensuas, PPU Underwear comes in boxer, brief, thong, jockstrap and more styles and great prices.

Check out the complete line of PPU Underwear at

ppu thongppu waiter thong

Lucky13 Sale!

Save 13% off your next order at Mensuas. Use promotion code lucky13 and save on all regular priced items. Valid on new orders placed at Mensuas. Sale ends 9/13/10.

Save 40% off all remaining clearance items. Look for the sale logo at

Shop for mens underwear and swimwear at


Aware SOHO ‘Boho’ Roundbum Shorty – A Men’s Underwear Review

Aware SOHO ‘Boho’ Roundbum Shorty White

Reviewed by Shayne

This is my final review for Aware SOHO (for the moment at least). I have been quite impressed with their range. There is one phrase that epitomizes this brand – comfort, quality and modernism for the most astute buyer. I have reviewed their briefs, trunks, boxers and jockstraps. Have a look at my previous reviews: Aware SOHO Speed Racer Jockstrap and the Aware SOHO ‘Patriot’ Square Cut Boxer & Hip Trunk. Being a boxers man, I absolutely love their Patriot range but the newly acquired Roundbum Shorty briefs I was also very impressed with.aware soho boho roundbum mens underwear

I am not usually a white briefs guy but the Aware SOHO Roundbum Shorty briefs are very sexy to wear. As the name suggest they highlight your butt to make it look even rounder and cuter than ever before.

Aware SOHO’s Boho Roundbum Shorty briefs come in two basic colours: Red or White. However, Aware SOHO have a range of other styles in a variety of modern colours for those that are more adventurous such as Candy Pink, Royal Blue and Scarlet Red. I am eager to try the Aware SOHO 007 range: this range looks uber hot!!!

Like their other products, Aware SOHO have designed and delivered on quality. Aware SOHO have created another modern design with 1.5” white and red waistband. The waistband features the AWARE SOHO brand across the front panel of the briefs. Aware SOHO have gone for simplicity in their design, focusing on functionality, reinforcing the everyday nature of these briefs.

Front:   Aware SOHO have achieved comfortable and durability in the selection of the finest materials. The use of a combination of Cotton (95%) and Elastane (5%) in the briefs help support your goods for a comfortable wear all day long. The Roundbum Shorty briefs provide an adequate depth in the pouch, leaving enough room to allow for manhood growth. Like the Patriot range, Aware SOHO have added the extra definition of red ribbing to help frame your package and to reinforce the overall look of the briefs.

BackAware SOHO in their ‘Patriot’ and ‘Boho’ ranges have created garments that accentuates your rear assets by creating a rounder and more cut definition. The Boho range lifts and mould to the natural curves of your butt making them look like two ripe peaches. However, some people could be worried about the seam across the backside of the briefs. At first I found that I had to get used to the seam. Although, after wearing the garment all day, it was something that I became less concerned about.

Fit and Style:   The cut and style of the Roundbum short is something that I find very flattering for an everyday type of guy. Although, the sides of the briefs tend to ride up and I found myself regularly having to adjust the sides. They are a cute pair of briefs, which are highly functional as an everyday pair of underwear. I think a smaller, tighter pair of briefs may have eliminated this bunching. Aware SOHO could branch out by adding more colours in the Boho range, as they have done in 007 styles.

One thing you need to keep in mind, like their jockstraps and boxers their fit tends to be quite small. I usually wear small-medium briefs and needed to wear large. If you are going to buy one remember to try and size up slightly. If you prefer jockstraps, don’t forget to check out their jockstrap range. If you are a boxer type guy definitely give the Patriot range a go.

Be Aware. Be Adventurous. Be Comfortable. Be Daring – check out their vast range of designs at

CraftsmanshipAware SOHO have constructed a quality product with using well-sourced materials, which adds to the comfort. They have created a quality-stitched garment with no signs of the stitching unraveling. This is a garment that will wash very well and should last a long time: an affordable designer brief ($27 USD). The price is worth it for a garment that supports your manhood and makes your butt look even more enticing.


Overall Rating [rating=4] A sexy and modern brief. It makes your butt look round and sculptured. These briefs will drive your prospective partner wild.

Fit [rating=4] Fits snugly around the buttocks and gives plenty of room for your manhood. Remember the sizes can be quite small. Takes a bit to get used to the full brief style.

Style [rating=3] A great style for daily wear. You need muscular legs to make these sexy, however, a comfortable pair of briefs.

Fabric [rating=4] Very comfortable fabric which makes your ass look HOT!

Quality [rating=5] Tough durable garment and well-machined.

Size I Wore: L