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Obviously Olympics Underwear Contest

The Olympics are Coming!

Obviously is very excited about the upcoming Olympic Games in London. As a special treat for their great customers they have put together a series of caricatures of athletes competing at the games wearing Obviously underwear. These caricatures will be released in the lead up to the Olympics and available for download from the link below in HD, perfect for your desktop background.

Click here for a direct link to today’s caricature: Olympics 1.jpg

But that’s not all!

With each caricature they release, 1 letter of a scrambled code will be included. Collect all 9 letters, unscramble the word and you will have a coupon code that will give you 20% off any purchase you make at until the end of the London Olympics (12 August 2012)

So enjoy the first Obviously Underwear caricature celebrating the XXX Olympiad.

Your first letter is: I

Good Luck!

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