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Andrew Christian Releases New Line: NanoFit Underwear

While most men wear underwear, the two biggest complaints are that the waistband can be uncomfortable if it rides too high and presses against the lower abdomen and two, the pouch is too constricting and doesn’t fit the body correctly. Designer Andrew Christian has developed a solution for both problems with NanoFit.

NanoFit is designed to ride low around the waist to avoid those pressure points created by your stomach and the waistband of your outer garment. Moreover Andrew Christian designed NanoFit to have a propriety shaped pouch that is shaped the way you are to reduce bunching and re-adjusting while you sit, walk or run.  Additionally, this low profile underwear is made from ultra soft fabric with great stretch and recover that will fit perfectly against to your skin so there is never any unwanted bagging or sagging in the front or back. NanoFit features Andrew Christian’s proprietary super soft Ultra Slimming Elastic.  This elastic has extra stretch to reduce cinching and squeezing of your waist which reduces the appearance of love handles.

Andrew Christian tells us that, “NanoFit feels invisible…you won’t even know you have it on.”

Check out the new NanoFit at Andrew Christian

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