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Aussie Underwear Underdog Emerges

I just came across a relatively new Aussie brand, Grundies.  Grundies was established in May 2009 by founder Tony Vass.
Tony has had over 20 years experience which formed his vision to create a quality Australian-made underwear lifestyle brand at an affordable price. To accomplish this, his first step was cutting out the retailer and selling directly on line.  His second step was to bring manufacturing back to Australia to better control the quality and revitalize the job market there.

When clothing company Pacific Brands moved its manufacturing offshore, over 2000 Australians lost their jobs. Tony Vass witnessed the impact of the mass redundancies first hand and vowed to tread a different path, investing in local manufacturing and creating his own underwear line, “Grundies“.

Grundies underwear launched early 2010 and is the culmination of over 2 years of research and development, utilizing some of Australia’s best underwear designers and local manufacturing facilities. “It was important for me to manufacture locally”, Tony said. “I have build up a wealth of contacts within the industry and it’s important for me to manufacture Grundies locally where I can invest in local jobs and ensure we are getting a top quality product to market.”

Tony is aiming for a distinctly Australian flavor with Grundies, from the name which derives from Australian rhyming slang for undies – “Reg Grundies”, through to the design of one of his Grundies ranges featuring iconic images of the Australian flag and the southern cross.

Whether your an Aussie yourself looking to get some Aussie grundies or just a guy somwhere around the globe, Grundies has a look for you.

Grundies are available exclusively online at where you can see the entire collection of men’s and women’s  underwear.  Check back soon for reviews of Grundies!

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