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aussieBum My Day Brief- A Men’s Underwear Review


I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing aussieBum in the past, but these are probably my favorite out of all the aBs I’ve tried!  The recent release of the aussieBum My Day collection peaked my interest when I first saw them; wearing them affirmed their appeal. Ok, I might have been 8 the last time that I days of the week on my underwear, but just like wearing cartoon characters or funky colors, it’s all about the fun of it.  Wearing My Day underwear brings you back to the joys of childhood.  And hey, for some guys maybe it’ll really help them know what day it is. 😉

Aside from the youthful nature of these briefs, they were incredibly comfortable and well made.  The My Day briefs are made from a wonderfully soft blend of 92% Cotton and 8% Elastane.  The quality of the material is second to none.  The combination of the two materials, Cotton and Elastane, also provides fabric with just enough stretch to mold to your body, and parts, while still giving you the quality comfort of cotton.

Quality continues in the the stitching in the seams and in the leg openings.  They playful day of the week is displayed boldly across the  waistband in color-coding fashion – in case you don’t bother to read the label you’ll still know the day.  The waistband was comfortable and well constructed.

In front, I found a rather comfortable pouch – as I often do with aussieBum.  The cut of the brief is that of a lowrise, as you can see from the picture below.  The look of the lowrise and the comfortable feel of the pouch are sure to make you happy.

For my butt, I was delighted to find a full seat.  All to often in lowrise briefs you have to give up some rear coverage.  In the aussieBum My Day briefs, I had plenty of material to keep these comfortable and allowing them to stay in place – no riding up.  As I mentioned earlier, there is just enough stretch in the material to form to the body.  As you can see in the pictures, and I noticed in person, the fabric weaves nicely across your butt, creating a rather sexy posterior.

All-in-all, a fantastic pair of underwear.  Quality, comfortable, and classy sexiness all melded into one -thanks aussieBum!  Be sure to collect all 7 days, but hurry because these are limited edition underwear. Oh, an if you’re more of a trunks kind of guy, they come in trunks too!  These and a RibbedTee MicroModal undershirt should be under every guy’s tree!!
Where to buy?
Overall: â˜…★★★★ â€“ Absolutely wonderful – I need all 7! 😉
Fit:  â˜…★★★★ â€“ Very comfortable all around
Style:  â˜…★★★★ â€“ A sexy and playful
Fabric: â˜…★★★★ â€“ Soft stretchy cotton which molded to all the parts
Quality: â˜…★★★★ – As always with aB, high quality
Size I Wore: Large (I am a 34 inch waist)



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