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Aware SOHO ‘Patriot’ – A Men’s Underwear Review

Aware SOHO ‘Patriot’:

Square Cut Boxer & Hip Trunk

Reviewed by Shayne

Be Aware. Be Sexy. Be Comfortable. Recently, I reviewed the Aware SOHO Speed Racer Jockstrap with mixed reviews on quality and fit. However, my delivery of their Patriot range has placed my confidence in this brand. The Aware SOHO Patriot range is not only sexy but also comfortable to boot.aware soho patriot underwear review

Aware SOHO’s Patriot comes in a square cut boxer and as a hip trunk. Usually a boxer brief guy, I was excited to review these products. Aware SOHO have designed and delivered quality to the most astute shopper. Aware SOHO have created sexy yet comfortable boxer brief designs in a square box cut and a hip trunk in fire engine red. Both designs come with a very modern 1.5” white waistband. The waistband features the AWARE SOHO brand in the front centre panel with two large stars and horizontal stripes of red and blue to reinforce the idea of patriotism. If you love your country and want to show off the red, white and blue – dare to be Aware.

Front:   Aware SOHO have constructed a supportive pouch out of cotton (95%) and Elastane (5%). By adding the Elastane to the fabric, it allows the pouch to mould nicely around your package and makes it look more enticing for any possible suitor. Aware SOHO have added extra depth in the pouch for those of us that are larger endowed. The ‘Patriot’ range moulds your package quite nicely and helps support the junk in your trunk. Aware SOHO have added extra definition on their Hip Trunk with white ribbing to help frame your package even more. Additionally, Aware SOHO have added a Y-front fly to allow you easier access. They have continued this white ribbing on the legs to add to the character of these trunks.

Back:  The backside of the trunk and the boxer helps to lift and support your rear. Aware SOHO ‘Patriot’ range highlights your asset even more by adding shape. I was worried that how moulded they are to the rear that it would be too uncomfortable to wear all day – boy was I wrong! These are the most comfortable pair of trunks or boxers that you can ever wear.

Style:   I loved the fire engine red in these modern, sexy yet functional underwear. The Patriot range will allow you to be the centre of attention and will make any guy or girl turn their heads to admire your form. Aware SOHO have also spent time in constructing legs that mould to your thighs without it being too tight. The legs do not bunch up after wearing the underwear all day. A very comfortable trunk or boxer – Dare to be Aware, wear Aware to be daring.

If you prefer jockstraps, don’t forget to check out their jockstrap range. If you are a boxer type guy definitely give the Patriot range a go. They also have developed other ranges to accommodate those that love other colours such as pink, white, blue, yellow and classic black. Don’t forget to look at their Patriot range and their vast range of designs at

One thing you need to keep in mind, like their jockstraps their fit tends to be quite small. I usually we

aware soho patriot underwear review

ar small-medium boxer briefs and needed to wear large. If you are going to buy one remember to try and size up slightly.

Craftsmanship:  Aware SOHO have constructed a quality product with using well-sourced materials, which adds to the comfort. They have created a quality-stitched garment with no signs of the stitching unraveling, unlike their Speed Racer Jockstrap.

An affordable trunk or boxer ($30 USD). The price is worth it for a garment that supports your manhood and makes your butt look even more enticing. If I had a choice between the square cut boxer or the hip trunk – I would go for the hip trunk simply for the added definition given with the white ribbing and added feature of the Y-front fly for easier access.


Overall Rating [rating=5] A sexy and modern trunk or boxer. It looks hot on, my boyfriend said how great my ass looks in them.

Fit [rating=5] Fits snugly around the buttocks and gives plenty of room for your manhood. Remember the sizes can be quite small.

Style [rating=5] Very fashionable cut and sexy. The fire engine red looks great against any skin tone. The white ribbing and Y-front fly are excellent added features in the hip trunk.

Fabric [rating=5] Very comfortable and adds to the contours of your physique

Quality [rating=5] Well-crafted and machined products.

Size I Wore: L

What do YOU think? Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this post.  Do you like what you’ve read/seen?  Have anything extra you would like to add? Add your comments and make yourself heard!

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