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Ballz-Out by Good Devil – The Name Says it All

What’s in a name? Truth in advertising?  Well, you can’t much more accurate than Ballz-Out when that’s what you actually get.  The saying of, “If you build it they will come” can be taken to, “If you dream it, they will make it.”

Good Devil, known for it’s racy underwear styles, has done it again with a very provocative new style – Ballz-Out!  Ballz-Out, as the name states, literally means your balls hang out.  This is accomplished through a slit in the bottom of the pouch.  Like the freedom of a boxer, but hate the sticking together during the hot months?  Ballz-Out may be your answer.  The concept allows for the freedom feeling of boxers or going commando without the uncomfortableness of things sticking together during the hot season.

Check out the collection at Skivvies Mens

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