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Bonds Guy Front Briefs – A Men’s Underwear Review

“Bonds Guy Front Briefs”

Reviewed by Frank

I have always been a Bonds kinda boy when it comes to my underwear, normally I would go for the style without the elastic band, but this time I thought I would be a little adventurous. Well how pleased was I?   This pair of bonds ended up being my favorite. The 1.5 inch bright green elastic waist band with the white bonds writing was not only comfortable but looks good when wearing jeans and the band hangs out the top.bonds guy front brief

Bonds, an Aussie designed brief, have managed not to have the back ride up every few minutes (for people like my self with a bubble butt, this poses a real drama) and keep it in place where it belongs. Along with the back not riding up, these Guy Front Briefs also give great definition to the butt, which I was not complaining about.

Bonds have designed a pre-molded pouch in to the front of these briefs, which I found to be very comfortable and a much better fit than other types of briefs that I own. Built in to the pouch is an access panel (I am unsure what you would really use this for……..) which I find a little pointless.  While some guys use the access fly, I think most go over or under.

The one criticism that I have in regards to the briefs is the finishing of the product with several threads hanging off the briefs in several locations.  For the price, they’re reasonable and wouldn’t expect them to be made the same as some of the higher end men’s underwear brands.

All in all the “Bonds Guy Front Briefs” are a very comfortable and stylish everyday brief which come in several different colour combinations and made from 100% cotton. I would highly recommend these briefs for everyone whether you work as a tradie or are working in an office –  these are the briefs for you!

Overall Rating [rating=4]

Fit [rating=5] Great everyday brief

Style [rating=4] Very comfortable.

Fabric [rating=4] Comfy, however the fabric pills a little

Quality [rating=4] Needs a little work with the finishing.

Size I Wore: L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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