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Boqari Men’s Underwear – A Review

My latest review is on the Boqari Seamless men’s underwear.  I tried these awesome men’s mini trunks in 3 different styles:  Square Jacquard in Jet Black,  Jamaica Mesh in Modena Red, and Argyle in Spank me Purple.

The Boquari Seamless men’s underwear are unisex and come in two sizes S-M and L-XL, I’m a 31 waist so I wore the S-M.

Since the Boqari are seamless, I didn’t want to critique them in a break-down of front back and so on. Instead I decided I would just describe how they fit and felt to provide an overall experience with them as a complete garment.

I was a little skeptical of how they would fit being both unisex and coming in only two sizes, as my experience in the past with articles sized this way has been a little less than comfortable. I was cheerfully surprised as I put them on for the first time. They stretched perfectly to fit with a soft and light hug. The ultra-light-soft nylon material hugged very gently and so softly like nothing I’ve felt before. It was difficult to stop touching them in amazement!

I decided I would wear them to “test” them out the following day. Since they were trunk-style there were no lines to worry about, and being seamless (which is amazing in and of itself) there were no irritations or scratching/rubbing in any strange places. They felt great on all day. The material breathed enough to keep me cool and they didn’t ride up or feel clingy. They just hugged me softly all day just as they did the moment I put them on. Definitely an A+.

Oh, did I mention they are also fashioned in a very sexy men’s trunk-style cut? That’s right, they not only feel sexy and smooth, they also have the look too. Out of the 3 styles I tried, I felt the Jamaican Mesh was the sexiest pair; they have a large mesh that is quite revealing covering the sides and rear. The Argyle has, you guessed it, a two toned argyle pattern all over that gives them a nice look too. The Square Jacquard really pops with its raised diamond shape knitting. I will also mention that my partner liked the look of all 3 of them, but also thought the Jamaican Mesh were the sexiest.

They are all hand wash with mild soap and hang to dry. After washing I didn’t have a place to hang them, so laid them flat to dry and that worked just fine. They held their shape and softness just as I had expected them to. In fact, they held up to the wash so well, I’m thinking about trying them at the pool.

These were a lot of fun to wear and I really enjoyed being able to have the opportunity to take them on a test drive. I would highly recommend trying a pair or two; get a pair for your partner as well since they are unisex.  You can find out more about Boqari and my direct from them on their website.
UPDATE:  Palace Trunks now carries the BOQARI line – check ’em out!

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What do YOU think? Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this post.  Do you like what you’ve read/seen?  Have anything extra you would like to add? Add your comments and make yourself heard!

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