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Candyman, Fire Me Up – A Men’s Underwear Review

Hmmm, what can I say about the Candyman Fire Me Up outift? … How about FREAKIN HOT?!!!  

A few months ago, I wrote a review on the Candyman Sailor Briefs. Candyman really has some sexy, fun outfits.  While they do have some items that would be fine as daily wear, their specialty seems to be in fun “night in” fun wear.

The Fire Me Up Candyman outfit was uber hot (pun intended)!  Yes, I know it’s a fireman outfit so it should be hot, but let me tell you, things really heated up in the bedroom!  

The outfit is made from a soft, shiny 97% polyester and 8% spandex blend of red and yellow material, with flames dancing around on the legs.  The material, as I said, was soft and molded nicely to my body.  The main features that really make this a fun item are the fireman suspenders and the hose opening.  

The suspenders are attached to the boxer and run from front to back with a faux buckle.  Suspenders up or suspenders hanging down both created a sexy look.  In the front of the boxer is an opening for your, er, hose to hang out.  The pictures show a black covering over the hose opening, but there really isn’t – assuming that for marketing purposes they had to keep it a bit more modest.

For guys who aren’t into leather and ropes but would still like to have some bedroom fantasy play, Candyman has it for you.  The Fire Me Up outfit is a great way to have fun and keep things esciting in the bedroom.  I have to tell you, days following the review there was a little inside jock between us – comments being made about how hot it was getting out and maybe we’d need the firemen to come later to cool things off – haha. 

I must say, I had a lot of fun with this review and look forward to the Naught Officer review coming up. All in all, a fun, sexy outfit for a night of fun – without a doubt, these are on my favorite’s list.  In looking around, I was able to find the Candyman Fire Me Up costume at NuWear and Palace Trunks.  Check ’em out and have some fun this weekend!!


Overall Rating
An excellent, sexy, well-made costume
Was comfortable and fit me in all the right places!
Uber Sexy
Soft and shiny
Seems to be well made – especially for a costume

Size I Wore:  M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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