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Candyman Sailer Brief Review

The Candyman Can…..

Great Deals Distributions recently sent me a pair of Candyman Sailor Briefs to review. When I first heard they were sending a pair of Candyman I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Candyman line of underwear is, let’s say, rather unique. Candyman could be considered synonymous for fun time – a costume for an evening of fun.

Their lineup of styles ranges from fairly modest to risque – I was ready for either. Knowing they were more costume than everyday underwear, I expected they wouldn’t be all that comfortable. Who needs comfort when you’re having fun, eh?

After trying them out, I was actually quite pleased with their fit and comfort. The front of the brief is very stretchy which adds to the comfort. The brief is a paneled construction made out of 92% polyester, 8% spandex, which helps the fit. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t pick these as a first choice for wearing all day, but if I wanted to I wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

The Sailer Brief features a sailor motif (hence its name) with its blue and white stripes, glitter anchor decal, and gold metal chain draped in front of the waistband – garr matey. Overall, again realizing they are a costume, I give them good marks. Give ’em a try. The Candyman line is available at Freshpair and Undergear. Depending on what you select, pricing ranges between $15 – $45.
Have Fun!


Overall Rating:  4/5
I bumped this up to a 4 because it’s a costume.  As a costume, I give it a 4.  As regular underwear, it’d be a 2.

Style:  4/5
Fun – though there are some more exciting styles you may want to look at.

Fabric:  3/5
For a costume the fabric is comfortable enough – but not for daily wear.

Fit:  3/5
Stretchy pouch and paneled design

Quality:  3/5

Size I Bought:  M

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