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Cover Male Peek Jockstrap: a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Mark

For my first jockstrap I got to try the Cover Male Peek Jockstrap and all I can say is why haven’t I tried one before now? I am totally in love with the jockstrap and especially this one. The Peek Jockstrap had a little window between the waistband and the pouch – so you can peek in to see what’s there. The leg straps are very comfortable, as is the waistband. There is plenty of room in the pouch for everything to be kept nice and comfortable.

Fit: The Cover Male Peek Jockstrap covers the front completely with a little peephole for added
enjoyment. It is comfortable with plenty of stretch in the pouch and the leg straps stayed put all day.

Style: This is a jockstrap which, in my understanding, is generally used for sports activities but in this case can be worn as everyday wear. It covers the boys nicely with great support.

Fabric: The Cover Male Peek Jockstrap is made of 83% Polyester and 17% Spandex. It is soft and stretch and super comfortable.

Quality: The Cover Male Peek Jockstrap appears to be of good quality and stitching seems pretty secure. The leg straps are stitched to the rest of the jock securely. It is high in Lycra so you don’t want to wash it in hot water or tumble dry as it will break down quicker.

Overall, this is a great jockstrap and so glad I have it in my wardrobe, especially for my first one.

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Size Worn: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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