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Croota Launches Rasta Amsterdam Range

It has been said that inspiration can be found in the smallest of details. And that is exceptionally true for Croota Underwear’s newest range of men’s underwear, “Rasta Amsterdam,” which was created by Croota’s Creative Director after a visit to Amsterdam and after viewing a creative magazine image of a puff of multi-colored cannabis smoke.

The “Rasta Amsterdam” Lo-Rise range of men’s trunks pulls elements from both the Jamaican-born Rastafari Movement, and the world’s most liberal city by incorporating the colors of the former flag of Ethiopia, which is associated with the Rastafari “Way of Life,” and elements of the flag of Amsterdam.

“After a recent visit to Amsterdam, I was determined to create something that could bring two inspiring cultures to my brand,” said Sang Croota, the brand’s Creative Director. “And I felt that developing a range of underwear based on an international subculture could translate into something guys could celebrate.”

Set against the (95%) black cotton and (5%) spandex blend, the unique green, yellow and red colors symbolic of cannabis culture are also accompanied by three Saint Andrews Crosses found in the heraldic shield of the coat of arms of Amsterdam. The Dutch words “Heldhaftig, Vastberaden and Barmhartig” (Heroic, Determined, Merciful) are also included as design elements on the range. The “Rasta Amsterdam” Lo-rise trunk retails for $21.90 USD.

Croota Underwear ( entered American shores in 2011 and quickly gained ground in the highly saturated men’s underwear market. Expanding its headquarters to Irvine, CA has since helped the company experience exponential growth, brand sovereignty and visibility thanks also to its “Save the AS5” campaign, wherein the company has appealed to men who were once set on their old, boring underwear.

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