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Lodoli La Bomba Enhancing Briefs – A Men’s Underwear Review

Do your boys need a lift?  If they do, I’ve got a new pair of men’s underwear for you.  A relatively new brand who’s being noticed around the world is Lodoli (after designer Roland Lodoli) out of Croatia.

Lodoli has underwear, sportswear and swimwear lines for both men and women.  For this review, we’ll be looking at Lodoli’s enhancing underwear, in particular the La Bomba.  The La Bomba is the man’s version of the push-up bra – similar to aussieBum’s Wonder Jock.  Actually, the La Bomba is extremely similar to the Wonder Jock.  Inside the pouch is a smaller pouch sewn in where you place your boys. The resulting effecting is a lifting and enhancing look.  For me, this is much more comfortable than a strap or some other mechanism to lift things up.  

After a day’s wearing, I can honestly say these were quite comfortable.  I’m always a bit skeptical of enhancing underwear  – some work as they should but comfort is sacrificed as a result; for Lodoli‘s La Bomba, they enhance AND are comfortable!

The La Bomba are made from 100% cotton, which typically concerns me as 100% cotton often stretches out and sags.  While La Bomba is made from 100% cotton, the piping around the pouch and legs, along with the quality grade of cotton, kept the shape and form quite well.

For comfort, I mentioned already that I found the pouch to be comfortable for the day’s wearing.   In addition, I found the leg bands and to be comfortable too.  The leg bands grip your leg comfortably – snug enough to keep them in place, but not too restrictive.  The waistband is made from typical elastic.  While comfortable enough, it’s the one recommendation I could make to Lodoli for upgrading.  Last, and critical for me, is the rear coverage. I’m happy to report that the La Bomba has a full seat that was also very comfortable.

All in all, I can say these are a quality, comfortable pair of men’s underwear that indeed enhances your profile without sacrificing comfort.  I can comfortable recommend them to you and have added them to my list of favorites.  At roughly $17.50 USD (rough conversion) they’re a reasonable buy for a quality pair of men’s underwear.

I’ll be posting a review in the next few days on Lodoli‘s Roky boxer brief made from micromodal and their RP Ero, their semi-sheer boxer brief.  Look for these additional reviews in the next few days.


Overall Rating
Comfortable enhancing brief
Fit well including the enhancing pouch
A standard “look” with the extra enhancing look too
Quality cotton
Stitching and fabric are of good quality

Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 34″ waist)

What do YOU think?  Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this post.  Do you like what you’ve read/seen?  Have anything extra you would like to add?   Add your comments and make yourself heard!

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