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Petit-Q Invisible Boxer: a Men’s Underwear Review

The Petit-Q Invisible Boxer is the latest item for us to review from Petit-Q’s new lineup.  The Invisible Boxer is a very skimpy sheer mesh boxer that is sure to get other’s attention.

Fit: The Invisible Boxer sits very low on your hips and is definitely a minimalistic fit.  If you’re looking for minimal coverage with just enough material to pique your partner’s interest, this is for you.  The boxer is a cheeky fit in the rear which creates great lines across your butt with the rear center seam pulling things in to better accentuate your buttocks.  In the front, you have an enhancement pouch where your scrotum sits in to create a large bulge. The fit is fine for an evening out, but wouldn’t want to wear it like that for all-day wearing.

Style: The hemming and sides of the boxer are rather interesting.  The sides are a split side – similar to that of retro gym shorts.  The mesh comes in a nude color. It would be nice to see these offered in additional colors.  The nude is fine, but if these came in some other colors, I think these would look even hotter.

Fabric: The fabric is a mesh made from a blend of 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane.  The result is a fine mesh material that is fairly soft and pliable.  You generally need to be cautious with mesh as it can tear from the seams due to the delicate nature of the material.  It appears they’ve used  a high enough grade of mesh that you won’t have any problems with durability.

Quality: The Invisible boxer seems to be well made.  The stitching looks to be well done, the separate pouch panel is well constructed, and the hems are well made.

Overall, these are a sexy little boxer for a fun nite out (or in).  They are definitely a minimalistic fit so be ready for that. That is, however, what makes these sexy. With some additional color options, I think these will be a great seller for Petit-Q.

Where to Buy

Petit-Q’s own online store

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Size I Wore: L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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