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Good Devil Preview Jock Strap – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Eric

As the brand name implies, these underwear did make me feel like a “good devil”. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the Preview Jock. They fit pretty much like a normal jock-strap, with a supportive pouch in the front and open in the back except for the two straps in the rear that connect the pouch to the ultra comfortable waist band. The waist band and straps are very soft compared to a jock purchased at a normal sporting goods store. They gave me no discomfort at all and fit nicely.

Now for the “devilish” part, the front pouch. The front has a pouch that really has the support of a normal jock; however it’s designed to give any onlooker a “preview” of the wearer’s assets. It is made with a polyester-spandex blend material that has a metallic shimmer on the outside. On the inside of the pouch is a plain black material that is very soft and comfortable. The open strapped design allows a sexy devilish peak at what is inside. The straps are just as soft and comfortable as the elastic waist band. I wore them both under athletic wear and jeans. I felt them to be more comfortable under the softer athletic wear than jeans primarily because with the semi-open front pouch the exposed skin rubs against the inside of the trouser or jeans and causes some discomfort.

They seem very well made, but do require extra care. Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Not really a big deal, but felt it was worth mentioning. I am a size 31 waist and wore a Medium.

I really enjoyed the over-all design and sex appeal provided in this one of a kind jock. They are very comfortable and sexy worn alone and a great way to show off at the gym.

For more information on Good Devil, check out the Good Devil website.  To pick up a pair for yourself, they are available now at Underwear Station and Mensuas.

Erotic mens Good Devil Preview Jock buttErotic mens Good Devil Preview Jock

Overall Rating [rating=5]

Fit [rating=5] Nice jock style fit

Style [rating=5] very appealing

Fabric [rating=5] soft and comfortable

Quality [rating=5] nicely made

Size I Wore: M (I’m a 31″ waist)

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