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Grundies Aussie Flag Fit Short – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Frank

How Patriotic did I feel when I received my very own pair of underwear with my home flag printed all over them. Australians all let us rejoice for we have Grundies underwear……. Likewise I felt just as patriotic when I also received a pair of Blue Bum Talk Shorts, proudly made down under.  Check out the story on Grundies for a bit of a background on this unique brand.

Grundies have a range of inventive designs in the Fit Short range, which should suit everyone’s tastes. Recently, I received two different graphic styles – a pair of blue Bum Talk Shorts and a pair of Aussie Flag Fit Shorts. Shayne, another menswear reviewer has recently reviewed the Bum Talk Short range in black; have a look at his review.

The Front of the Fit short sees the start of the flag pattern which continues through to the back. I was at first a little skeptical of the “shorts” style to these underwear as I have always been an briefs kind of guy; I was, however,  pleasantly surprised at the amount of support that was offered in the Aussie Flat Fit Shorts. Once worn, the shorts develops a kind of memory in the material which makes for extra comfort in front.

The back hugs to the butt and, once again, I was surprised at how much support was offered in these “shorts” style underwear. All of the support and hugging offered in the rear of the underwear made me feel and look like I had the best butt around.

The top has a one inch elasticized band with the Grundies Logo printed all the way around the underwear; I had a few friends comment when my shirt lifted up and they were able to see the waistband (commenting on how they loved the logo and the band  – even asking where they could get a pair from). At the bottom of each leg is a white cotton band, which I found to be a little loose and seemed to ride up at the rear.
The Aussie Flag Fit Short is made of cotton with 10% elastane which makes for a very comfy fit. I did find that the fabric pilled and faded slightly after a couple of washes, however, after the first couple of washes this settled down.

I wore both medium and large sizes, both of which were equally comfy (I am a 36”waist). Overall I found the Fit Short comfy, stylish and reasonably priced. To know that they are 100% Australian owned and made makes me feel proud to be an Australian.

Where to buy: Show or patriotism or for your love of Australia, visit Grundies own online store. Some fantastic bargains to be had for the month of October.

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Size I Wore: M and L (I’m a 36″ waist)

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