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HoHo Wear Sexy Stretch G-String – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Frank

When I first received the Sexy Stretch G-String in the post I was a little unsure what I had gotten my self into, but after thinking about it for a bit and then trying it on I thought: “Well this could be a whole lot of fun in the bedroom”. Don’t forget to look at HoHoWear for a range of styles that might help to spice up the bedroom or for something fun. The Sexy stretch g-string is not a practical piece of underwear for everyday use, however they should come with a warning…….BEWARE THESE MAY LEAD TO ALL SORTS OF FUN……. I normally am not a wearer of g-strings, however I found that this was very comfortable and easy to wear (it actually did not feel like there was anything back there).hohowear sexy stretc g-string

The front comes with a built in pouch for support of our undercarriage, the pouch does offer a degree of support and feels good against the skin which adds to the sensation of wearing the g-string, however this could be bigger for the more endowed men amongst us. Along with the pouch comes a hole (cock-ring look about it) for the penis to hang out of.  This not only feels good with the ring being tight around the base of the penis, but allows for easy access and free movement when it leads to that fun I was talking about (wink, wink).

The G-String is made up of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, with a quality finish to all of the stitching and comes in many different colors including red, black, green, pink, light orange, orange purple yellow blue and white.

HoHoWear seems to have a one size fits most policy and with the spandex this seems to be ok however if you are much bigger than a 36” waist the one size fits all may not be for you. Overall I found the g-string to be well made, lots of fun for something different in the bedroom and well worth it for the cost. Be daring, be bold, live life on the edge. Sexy Stretch G-String from HoHoWear is an affordable way to spice up your sex life at a low price of $8.95 USD.

Overall Rating [rating=3]

Fit [rating=3] The pouch could be a little bigger

Style [rating=4] A little shocking at first ….. but makes for a fun night in the bedroom

Fabric [rating=3] Feels great against the skin

Quality [rating=3] Very well made

Size I Wore: One size fits all (I’m a 36″ waist)

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