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Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap: a Men’s Underwear Review

The Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap has a built in package hammock that gives your package a nice lift.

FIT: The regular pouch is comfortable and spacious enough for your whole package and the external pouch hammock, located right under your balls, provides a natural and subtle lift and creates an attractive bulge. On the other hand, the leg straps are way too long and they don’t feel as tight as I’d like them to be.

STYLE: The package hammock is invisible to the eye, but you can definitely notice the charm and lift of it. The 1 inch waistband and leg straps are appropriate for the look.

FABRIC: Made out of 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex gives a warm and soft sensation to your skin.

QUALITY: Since it’s made mostly out of cotton it’s durable and perfectly suitable to wear in any kind of weather and in performing any type of physical or daily activity.

OVERALL: What I really like about the Intymen Swing Enhance Jockstrap is the snug feeling of the fabric, in addition to the pouch hammock that offers a sharp lift and a sexy feel. And even though it’s a low rise jockstrap, it is roomy enough to cover your package. Unfortunately, what I didn’t like is that the leg straps are cut way too long, which make them lack on tightness and support on the back.

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Size Worn: S (I’m a 30″ waist)

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