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Aware Soho Speed Racer Jockstrap – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Be Aware. Be Sexy. Be
Aware SOHO have created a sexy yet comfortable jockstrap
in basic black with a very modern 1.5” waistband. The waistband features the
AWARE SOHO brand in the front centre panel with horizontal stripes of bright
pink, brilliant blue and white stripes on a black background. This adds to the
charm of a modern yet sophisticated jockstrap.

Front:   Aware SOHO have constructed the jockstrap
out of cotton (95%) and Elastane (5%). By adding the Elastane to the fabric, it
allows the pouch to mould nicely around your package and makes it look more
enticing for any possible suitor. However, the pouch needs to be larger for
those of us that are larger endowed. I noticed that if you become too excited
that it does not quite hold your package enough. Although, I wore the jockstrap
to work all day and felt well supported throughout day. This would be a
fantastic jockstrap when mucking around with hot guys on the basketball court
or while exercising at the gym.

Back:  The rear straps add to the comfort to the
underwear, the straps are not too tight. Rather, the straps help to shape your
buttocks and frame them nicely. The straps are wide enough and do not dig in
even with wearing the jockstrap for the whole day. Although, I did need to
adjust the straps a couple of times.
Style:   A very modern and sporty looking jockstrap
where you will you will be the centre of attention. The basic black jockstrap
with the vibrant colours in the waistband will continue to look great even
after considerable wear. However, one downfall coming from Australia is the
sizing. Normally I wear SMALL jockstraps, however, like other brands like Bike
I have needed to wear a larger size. This is the case with Aware SOHO where I
needed to wear a LARGE jockstrap. If you are going to buy one remember to try
and size up slightly.
Craftsmanship:  Aware SOHO has attempted to construct a quality
men’s underwear with using well-sourced materials, which adds to the comfort. However,
Aware SOHO needs to spend some more time in the machining of the product. There
are several instances across the garment where the stitching is starting to
unravel, especially in the pouch and at the sides where the straps are
An affordable jockstrap ($19 USD) for
those who want to look sexier without maxing out your credit cards. 
Aware SOHO also has a variety of other colors and looks in their jockstrap collections.  Go have a
look at their website:  

If you’re more of a briefs guy than a jockstrap guy, check out the review on Aware Soho’s Sports Brief.
Overall Rating
A sexy and
modern jockstrap, which will look hot on!
Fits snugly
around the buttocks however the pouch needs to be roomier. Remember the sizes
can be quite small.
Very fashionable
cut and sexy in basic black
Very comfortable
and adds to the contours of your physique
High quality
material however some faults in the stitching.
Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 29″ waist)

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