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Gregg Homme Pump Up Jock: a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Gregg has done it again – he has pumped up his design and it will definitely pump up the look of your package while adding extra comfort. The Pump Up collection features Advanced Enhancing Technology to help boost your bulge. The crossed elastic microfibre pouch not only makes it more comfortable to wear but creates further definition for your tackle. You will love the way you look in these beauties!!

The Pump Up Jock does exactly what the name suggests. The Pump Up Jock features soft elastic waistband with the Gregg Homme logo repeated across the waistband. The waistband is ultra-comfortable with no scratching or digging in, as sometimes happens. The design is your typical jock however a quite a bit more stylish than other brands such as Bike. The lightweight material used throughout the jock makes this very cool to wear in the summer months and would be prefect for those “jocks” out there. They are available in white or black with a bright red waistband, leg straps and g-string. The classic jock has taken a modern approach with the typical leg straps commonly found with jocks but with the addition of a g-string. The leg straps are connected to the briefs making it appear as if they are not jocks from the front. I found this unique and something that took a bit to get used to. However, the 1.5” leg straps  were a bit tight and tended to cut into my legs. Additionally the g-string was a little too loose. The overall design of the garment is to profile and lift your butt – which it does magnificently.  I do think there is a bit too much going on, however, it does help to provide great shape to your butt. So, it really comes down to a personal preference.

The Gregg Homme Pump Up Jock is made from a blend of Polyamide (73%) and Spandex (27%). The lightweight Polyamide material together with the elasticity of the Spandex provides total comfort for the wearer. It molds to your shape and creates manly definition especially in the pouch. The workmanship on this product is flawless with no stray cottons or mismatches in the material. Gregg Homme is total quality and one brand that all men should have in their underwear draw.

Pump up your physique, pump up your look and hopefully they will pump up your sex life!

Where to buy: The Gregg Homme Pump Up Jock can be purchased from the following stockists:

These are perfect for guys that love their jocks yet want something a little bit different where you will still look like a rock star in the gym. Your rear will look absolutely sweet in these babies!! I wore a small and they fit but there was a little too much room in them; however, my partner wore them and they were perfect on. I would be going for a smaller size than you would normally wear just to be safe.

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Size I Wore: S (I’m a 28-30″ waist)

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