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Male Power Radical Sport Jocks and Shorts at Jockstrap Central

Male Power’s two best selling designs are by far their Moonshine Jockstrap and their Zipper Short (still in production!). They’re undeniably sexy and Jockstrap Central tells us they both fly off the shelves as fast as they arrive. But now, Male Power is back with new versions: It’s the Radical Sport Zipper Moonshine Jockstrap and the Radical Sport Zipper Short which adds a front zipper to the Moonshine and making them both in a soft, slinky and stunning striped fabric in either slate-blue and black or wine and black.

The Male Power Radical Sport Moonshine Jockstrap has a low-rise brief front but gets its “moonshine” name from the back – the best way to describe it is a brief back with a big hole cut out for your “moon” to shine. As mentioned, the fabric is striped and the stripes help to accentuate the contours of your package and because it’s nylon and spandex, it’s super soft feeling almost like silk against your boys (they’ll love you for it!). And new to the Moonshine design is the zipper in the front pouch so now your front can be as exposed as your rear.

The Male Power Radical Sport Zipper Short, just like the original, has a low rise trunk cut and a very noticeable front zipper pouch for easy access. The spandex nylon combo not only feels great against your boys but it stretches in all the right places making this one hot go go short that’s sure to draw attention. And speaking of drawing attention, like the jock, the striped fabric although subtle does its job of highlighting every contour of your package.

Both designs includes a welcome extra fabric backing behind the zipper to help prevent things getting caught, but please still be careful!

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