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N2N Bodywear Waistband Jock – a Men’s Underwear Review

Over the past year, I’ve reviewed a number item from N2N’s 2010 Collection. While today’s review is not a new item for N2N, it’s definitely worth looking at. I’ve always been keen on the Waistband Collection and after my review of the Waistband Trunk, Waistband Brief, and Waistband Bikini, I was looking forward to reviewing the Waistband Jock.

Made from a quality Cotton (90%) / Spandex (10%) blend, same as the rest of the Waistband collection, I found the material to be the traditional cottony soft. The mix of Spandex N2N uses adds the needed stretch and retention missing from 100% cotton. The combination of the two works very well together and is an appropriate mix for comfort and support.

One of things make the Waistband Collection a hit is the pouch design. The pouch is contoured to provide support and N2N Waistband Jockcomfort. Your package fits comfortably in the pouch and is accented with the contrasting color details.White or black with red highlights is really a sharp combo.  While jocks often hold things in for sport, the Waistband Jock has a bit more room without eliminating its functionality as a sport jock.  For my purposes, I’d likely wear this more as a fashion jock than for sport, but you could wear it for either.

For the straps, I think it is this that sets it apart from some of the other jocks I’ve tried.  The jockstraps are wrapped in the cotton material rather than the typical elastic bands.  What this creates is the usefulness of the elastic for support and retention, but the cotton adds incredible comfort over the feeling you typically have from straight elastic straps.  For me, this puts the N2N Waistband Jock as one of my all-time favorite jocks.

Overall, I love the N2N Waistband Jock. I can confidently recommend these to you and have and are, like I said, one of my favorites. I think you’ll be very pleased with these.

Reasonably priced at $10 (USD) you can’t go wrong, they’re a great buy (normally $18)!

Where to buy N2N Bodywear?
N2N’s own online store

N2N Waistband JockN2N Waistband JockN2N Waistband Jock

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Size I Wore: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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