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N2N Twilight and Freedom Jocks – A Men’s Underwear Review

A few month’s ago, I wrote about N2N Bodywear’s latest collections – Twilight and Freedom.  Both are identical to each othern2n freedom jock buttwith color combos being the difference between the two collections.  Most recently, I’ve had the opportunity to review both the Twilight Jock and the Freedom Jock.  What’s nice about N2N is that you have some choice in the color palettes depending on your mood or taste.  For me, I really like both collections.  Sometimes, I’m in the mood for the bright bold colors of the Freedom Collection (red, white and blue), while other times, I want the more somber colors of the Twilight Collection (black, heather, and white) - particularly for matching my outfit for the day/evening.

The Twilight and Freedom Jocks are made from a wonderfully soft cotton/spandex blend – creating a soft ribbed cottony feel with just the right amount of stretch and body forming characteristics.  I really like how the pouch of these jocks support you without being overly restrictive.  The jock straps are fairly typical for a jock and fit comfortably without cutting in to my skin.  The stitching of the straps to the pouch is well done and evidence of N2N’s commitment to quality.

These jocks are fully functional as jocks while still being stylish enough to wear as fashion jocks (under jeans and as daily wear).  I am the kind of guy that likes to wear a jock when working out or playing sports.  I’m also the kind of guy that likes to wear jocks as simply daily wear.  I found the N2N Bodywear Twilight and Freedom jocks to be perfect for both.  I would, though, tend to say these are more of a fashion jock as they aren’t as tight fitting as some of my other jocks to keep your junk under control during heavy sports.

All-in-all, you really can’t go wrong with either of these jocks.  Whether you prefer the Twilight colors of black, heather or white or you prefer the bright bold blue, red or white of the Freedom Jock, you’ll be quite happy with your purchase

You can find these reasonably priced at $16 from N2N Bodywear’s Online Store

freedom jock

OVERALL [rating=4] A great jock for sport or as daily wear

FIT ★★★★★ Super comfy pouch

STYLE [rating=4]I prefer the Freedom color palette, but the color combo in the Twilight is nice as well

FABRIC [rating=4] Enjoyed the soft ribbed cotton

QUALITY: [rating=4] Well made

SIZING: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

What do YOU think? Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this post.  Do you like what you’ve read/seen?  Have anything extra you would like to add? Add your comments and make yourself heard!

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