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Timoteo Sport Jock – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed By Ken

I have worn many jock style underwear in my life, from the typical standard white jock strap worn for high school sports, to the extremely skimpy style with the thin back strings that are for looks and sex appeal, but I have never worn a jock that combines the attributes of both styles so comfortably.    That is exactly what the Timoteo Sport Jock Provides.

This comfortable jock is made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex with a wide waist band that is snug but does not pinch or grab.   The rear straps are well made and wide enough to not bite into your cheeks and cause irritation or pinching, and the straps are attached at such a spot as to not ride “up” and cause a wedgie.   The pouch is well shaped and provides plenty of support during athletic activities and I loved the black and red color scheme with the hint of yellow and white.

What makes the Timoteo Sport Jock different is that it is not only sexy and attractive, but is also very functional as an actual jock strap.  I wore the Sport Jock for an entire day from early morning till the end of the evening with a night out with my partner.

I was impressed with the comfort level all day, no wedgie, no pinching, and at the same time felt sexy and exotic.  The second time I wore the Timoteo Sport Jock I played 3 extremely tough and well-fought games of indoor volleyball.  The Jock provided all the comfort and support I could have asked for.  In fact I did not even think about the Sport Jock while I was playing, no constant adjusting or uncomfortable pinching, and we won the match!

Overall I really enjoyed reviewing the Timoteo Sport Jock, excellent comfort level with wonderful support mixed with just the right amount of sex appeal!   Put a pair on and go out and be Sporty!

Where to buy: Timoteo’s own online store –

timoteo sport jock butttimoteo sport jock

Overall:   [rating=4] – Great combination of function and style

Fit:  [rating=5] – Quite comfortable and supportive

Style:  [rating=4] – Liked the red and black color scheme with a hint of yellow

Fabric:  [rating=5] – 96% cotton made for a very breathable fabric

Quality:  [rating=5] – Well made with quality stitches and made in the USA!

Size I Wore: Large (I am a 33” waist)

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