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Male Basics Boxer Brief – a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne
I totally love boxer briefs and was excited to review the Male Basics Boxer Brief in Turquoise. These boxer briefs are not your typical half leg variety rather they are the type that stop just short of your knee (a similar length to bike shorts). When I tried them on the fit and style reminded my partner and myself of bike shorts. They were an extremely comfortable boxer briefs with some limitations, which will be covered throughout this review.

Fit: Male Basics Boxer Briefs provides a shape hugging fit that makes your butt look great whilst still providing enough room in the crotch to accommodate the grower or shower in us all. The boxer briefs features an elasticised pouch to provide that extra definition that many of us may require. The legs are tight enough to add further tone to your legs making it look like you have just stepped out of the gym. These are a great pair of boxer briefs that you can wear to the gym or to work on a daily basis. They are not the most stylish boxers but they are total comfort. I even slept in these boxer briefs with no riding up or discomfort throughout the night. I did find that a couple times during the days that the boxer briefs did pinch rather than support the testicles whilst I was wearing jeans.

Style: The garment features a 1.5” light grey waistband with a medium sized Male Basic logo slightly off centre in darker grey. They have followed this grey theme through the turquoise boxer briefs with light grey stitching down the centre of the pouch, the crotch and rear. They have specially designed a very close fit close to the body without constricting the goodies in the pouch by individually constructing a pouch reducing motion especially when playing sports.

Fabric: These boxer briefs are made of 93% Cotton and 7% Lycra for a maximum body hugging fit. These are the coolest underwear due to the large amount of cotton used in the garment. These do not look the most stylish but they are total comfort. The microfibre waistband does not rub or chafe like other materials used in waistbands. Likewise they have fixed the all too common problem of ‘label scratching’, the garment features an iron on label.

Quality: A well-machined product with some flaws inside the garment. Some greater care could have been taken with the stitching and the appearance of the material above the stitching. Male Basics have used double stitching externally and internally with this garment to provide an even stronger garment.  These boxer briefs should last for many years and it appears from the short time I have worn these that they will be extremely tardy.

Another great product from Male Basics, these boxer briefs are prefect for those out there who are sports freaks or men who prefer comfort.  There are a range of colours to suit your changing moods: asphalt, black, charcoal, orange, purple, red, white and turquoise. Be adventurous buy one in each colour, perfect especially if you play lots of sports.

Where to buy: These comfortable boxer briefs can be purchased online through for  $17.99 USD

male basics boxer brief
male basics boxer briefmale basics boxer brief
Overall Rating [rating=4]
Fit [rating=4] Maximum body hugging fit, great for sports
Style [rating=4] Great garment for sports and everyday wear
Fabric [rating=5] Cotton/Lycra blend, very cool and breathable
Quality [rating=4] Above average quality
Size I Wore: M (I’m a 30″ waist)
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