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McKillop Modal Pouch: a Men’s Underwear Review

Last week, I wrote about McKillop’s mesh 2.0 pouch – which I absolutely loved!  Today’s review is on the same 2.0 pouch, but with their new modal material instead.  Much what I’ll write mirrors my review on the 2.0 Mesh Pouch as the fit and quality is the same.

Fabric: The McKillop U/W Classic 2.0 Modal Pouch is finally here and am thrilled to be reviewing it. I have long been a fan of Modal for all of its incredible qualities – ultra soft, natural antimicrobal, and durable.  The McKillop comes in a blend of 92% Modal and 8% spandex in your choice of white or black – I chose black. The use of Modal takes the McKillop Pouch to a new level of awesomeness!

Fit: The overall comfort of the pouch was just as wonderful as the mesh pouch I reviewed earlier. As I wrote before, under jeans I prefer the feel of the McKillop pouch over that of a thong or jock. You have support and comfort with a freedom feeling. Now, with the use Modal, your boys of lovingly held in what feels like angels wings!  I simply cannot express how comfortable and soft Modal feels against your skin – especially your more sensitive skin areas … 😉

Also, If you’re looking for a little lift, the support ring (made of cloth) will do the trick.  At first I had to figure out how to get into the support wring, but once you do, it will not go unnoticed.

Style:  Seriously, have you seen the picture?  The McKillop pouches are oozing with style.

Quality:  As always, Ryan McKillop takes quality very seriously and this is evident in the material selection and quality craftsmanship.  Worth the money you spend on McKillop as they last and won’t fall apart as cheaper brands tend to do.

Where to buy: the McKillop website –  They’re priced at $23 USD, but you can’t go wrong at this price for what you get.

Small(28-30 inch)
Medium(32-34 inch)
Large(36-38 inch)
Xlarge(40-42 inch)
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Size I Wore: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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