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MetroMaleWear Perfect Scene Hip Brief: a Men’s Underwear Review

A few months back, I stumbled across MetroMaleWear underwear (M2W).  MetroMaleWear is an underwear brand from South Korea and is relatively new, having opened its doors in 2001.  There’s a lot to like about this upcoming new brand.  While there are some tweaks I’d suggest to them, overall a fantastic brand.

The design of the Perfect Scene Hip Brief is fairly traditional. Aside from the ergonomic pouch, this is a pretty safe pair of briefs for just about any guy. With that said, the fact that it does have an amazing ergonomic pouch and is made from a silky material, these are far from boring. Add to that the microfiber steel waistband and contrasting stitching, and you have yourself a sexy pair of hip briefs.

The hip brief is made from a very soft, silky blend of 95% Micro Modal / 5% Spandex.  This blend of luxury-soft modal with a bit of Spandex wraps your package comfortable with just a bit of stretch when needed. ;-)  Combined with the luxury-soft material, the ergonomic pouch is what really makes these stand out.  The pouch is incredibly comfortable, supports you just enough without restricting, and is uber soft to the touch. Because of the ergonomic design, and the lightweight material, the accentuates your pouch quite nicely.

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MetroMaleWear Perfect Scene Hip Brief
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The overall fit was quite comfortable. The seat had just enough material to not ride up on you, these sat nicely on my hip, and were comfortable for all-day wearing.

My only drawback was the tag. I felt as though they searched out the most uncomfortable material for the tag as they could possibly find. The tag was made out of a paper-like material and was very scratchy. I did end up cutting the tag off, which helped completely, but it left an unpleasant look as the tag hides the seam of the waistband. I will say, though, that looking at newer lines of M2W that they’ve corrected this problem. I did ding them a star because of the tag. Had this been tagless or a softer material, I would have rated “Fit” a 5.

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