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Olaf Benz New Fall Items Keep Coming!

Well guys,  Olaf Benz continues to roll out some exciting new items this fall.  Check out some of the sexy new styles from their NEW Fall Line.  As you know from my previous review of the Olaf Benz, I’m a huge fan!  A Couple of weeks ago, I wrote on the NEW Fall Line from Olaf-Benz as being sexy as ever.  This next roll out should be available in October, but you can PRE-ORDER NOW.  I’ll post some more on the items coming out in November and December.  Take a look and tell me what you think of the new Olaf Benz items.

Olaf Benz RED 0975 – Available to pre-order now, in-stock October

olaf benz 0975 t-shirtolaf benz 0975 hipjockolaf benz 0975 sportshirtolaf benz 0975 sportbriefolaf benz 0975 sportpantolaf benz 0975 minipant

The Olaf Benz Revival Series RED0975 portrays a dominant “Olaf Benz New York” signature. For the RED 0975 line, the choice of fabric came down to a light cotton jersey. In this way the Briefs and Shirt retain a classic look. They are available in strong Olaf Benz Red in addition to Black and White. What’s interesting to see is the rising interest in the Hipjock, which attracts more and more fans from season to season.

Olaf Benz RED 1011 – Available to pre-order now, in-stock October

olaf benz 1011 minipantolaf benz 1011 t-shirtolaf benz 1011 ministringolaf benz 1011 carreshirtolaf benz 1011 brazilbriefolaf benz 1011 flightbrief

Olaf Benz has certainly become well known for their quality products. The RED 1011 series will carry this same quality as the embrace the use natural fibers, using the finest of all. Knit from long fiber filaments, Olaf Benz states they’ve developed a luxury fabric which spoils the senses in respect to touch and comfort and meets the highest expectations. There is only Black and White and range of styles is quite exciting: From a scanty thong to the classic minipants, there should be something for everyone.

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