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Olaf Benz NEW Fall Men’s Underwear Collection – AWESOME

Well guys, I just received word that Olaf Benz is preparing to roll out its NEW Fall Line.  As you know from my previous review of the Olaf Benz bikini, I'm a huge fan!  The NEW Fall Line from Olaf-Benz is as sexy as ever and should get the juices flowing.  Checkout these first items which become available in September/October.  I'll post some more on the items coming out in October, November and December.  This should certainly be a fall to remember!  Take a look and tell me what you think of the new Olaf Benz items.

Olaf Benz RED 1065 – Available to pre-order now, in-stock September / October

“Oops!” is what many will say when they touch this slick fabric for the first time because the feel of this Italian innovation is simply sensational. It is wafer-thin, smooth as dolphin skin, cool, rustling like paper and on top of all very elastic. Due to the fabric's coated surface the colors reach a brilliance no one's ever seen before. Minipants and Sportbriefs are the cool basics which make the perfect outfit together with a Tanktop. The Tanga is super sexy and shows off the glossy fabric.

Olaf Benz RED 1070 – Available to pre-order now, in-stock September / October

Whoever likes to combine monochromes with stripes will thoroughly enjoy this line. You have the choice of Black or White as the basic color and simply combine with fine lines on a white background. There are four Briefs, a masculine Carréshirt and a casual V-Shirt available in all three color variations. The semi-transparent fabric is made of cool micro-fiber which follows every movement due to its high elasticity. The center front of the briefs is doubled for certain discretion.

Olaf Benz RED 1067 – Available to pre-order now, in-stock September / October

Looking for a modern, attractive line of men's underwear? This line offers sporty cuts, cool colors and a super fabric that stands out due to its soft grip and high elasticity. It is a fine Jacquard with a slightly raised, wavy look. Casual, cool cuts, which – no matter whether briefs or shirt – fit perfectly and are the right choice for every day. The Flight briefs are new; they combine the look of Pants with the classic comfort of the Brief. In addition to dazzling white, a radiant Royal Blue has been added and the new Mint runs through the whole collection like a basic tone.

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