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Olaf Benz RED 1065 Ministring Thong: a Men’s Underwear Review

You may recall my review of the Olaf Benz Red 1065 Sportbrief, today’s review is one from the same Red 1065 line, the Ministring (thong).  The RED 1065 Ministring, Olaf Benz’s new material, is made from 86% Polyamid and 14% Elasthan; this creation results in a wet-look, sexy, smooth material that’s sure to catch an onlookers eye.  This material really does give these  an attractive wet look, especially when you factor in the ultra thin material Olaf Benz uses.  This material is available in black, red, and mint and comes in a variety of their different styles.

The wafer-thin material was very comfortable on the skin and can easily say this is a fantastic feeling fabric for Olaf Benz.  As a guy who does wear thongs on a somewhat regular basis, I have mixed reviews on the Red 1065 Ministring.  The sides and thong portion were very comfortable.  The pouch, however, was a little too small.  The pouch wasn’t tight or too form-fitting, but rather lacked enough material to hold everything in.  Now, for some guys, you may not mind see the goods from the side, for me, though, I prefer to have the whole packaged enclosed.  Aside from the size of the pouch, I can say that the material was comfortable on the skin and does provide from some great aesthetics.

All-in-all, a pretty good thong for Olaf Benz. With a bit more of a pouch, I would have given these tens across the board.

To check out the entire collection, check out official Olaf Benz site at

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Size I Wore: XL (I’m a 34″ waist)

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