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Olaf Benz Winter Collection – New Ways to Heat Things Up This Winter!

Olaf Benz continues to roll out some sexy new items this winter.  As you know from my previous review of the Olaf Benz, I’m a huge fan!  A bit ago, I wrote on the NEW Fall Line from Olaf-Benz that came out in September and then in October.  This next roll out of the NEW Winter Line should be available in November or December, but you can PRE-ORDER NOW.  Take a look and tell me what you think of the new Olaf Benz items.

Olaf Benz RED 0979 – Available to pre-order now, in-stock November

olaf benz 0979 ministringolaf benz 0979 carreshirtolaf benz 0979 minipantolaf benz 0979 squarepantolaf benz 0979 brazilbriefolaf benz 0979 v-neck

This stylish line continues its position as a wonderfully light, micro-fiber underwear. The ultra-light fabric has a ribbed look which shimmers nicely in the light. There is a choice of White, Mars Red and Black. Four men’s underwear styles, from scanty to classic, can be combined with two shirts different shirt styles for a complete look.

Olaf Benz RED 1069 – Available to pre-order now, in-stock November

olaf benz 1069 sport briefolaf benz 1069 carreshirtolaf benz 1069 mini pantolaf benz 1069 t-shirt

This is a small, masculine underwear series with a micro-jersey base in Lava Grey which creates a really neat look. Both brief shapes – Mini pants and Sport briefs – are also available in Jacquard in the same colors. Fine cream-colored pin stripes draw a fine pattern of squares. Combined with a monochrome top they look simply great.

Olaf Benz RED 1062 – Available to pre-order now, in-stock December

olaf benz 1062 profile pantolaf benz 1062 profile briefolaf benz 1062 profile top

A new look in men’s underwear. The Olaf Benz designer forecasts a noticeable change in cuts for men’s underwear. Season after season the briefs have become shorter and show a maximum amount of skin between the navel and waistband. Now the waistbands are going up again. Olaf Benz believes in wide elastic bands and waist high boxers and briefs. This line brings this change back. These new boxers and briefs show a completely new silhouette. At the first sight this you may be shocked,  just as the change from skinny jeans to flares did.  Check ’em out.  What do you think?  Will this take off?

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