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PUMP! Graffiti Tokyo Boxer – a Menswear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

PUMP! is a new fashion company based in Montreal, Canada who wanted to fill the gap in the underwear world with new fresh and unique ideas. The final result is a form fitting underwear that not only looks sexy and modern but the materials used make these boxers uber comfortable to wear. On their website they are focused on delivering high quality products at an affordable price.

Fit: I was excited to try this new brand of boxers direct out of Canada. I have never tried Canadian underwear and I was most impressed. These boxers feature a fantastic print, which will definitely stand out in the locker room and set you apart from other men. PUMP’s claim that the boxers are form fitting I can attest to. It makes your ass look great and there is enough room in the pouch to hold all your treasures whilst still giving enough room for growth during the day or times when you wish to add spice to the bedroom. The sides of the boxers do bunch up slightly, however, they are not uncomfortable to wear underneath clothes all day to work.

Style: I am totally in love with the style and use of colours in these boxers. The bright vibrant colours mimic graffiti in urban Tokyo in a clever way. They have used a combination of bright pinks, reds, blues with subdued colours of browns and tans to give the feeling of urbanism. The iconic tags used in graffiti are scrawled across the back of the garment with spray paint effects on the left and right hand sides of the boxers. The only flaw I could mention in the design is the graffiti could have been clearly to see. PUMP! have used black trim around the pouch and on the hem of the legs which adds to its appeal. Likewise, the 1 3/4 “ silver metallic waistband complements the rest of the boxers and makes their logo stand out. The waistband features the PUMP! logo in huge black letters across the centre with a smaller logo at the back of the boxers on the left hand side.

Fabric: These boxers are super soft in feel, the addition of spandex in the blend make these great to wear. However, I would suspect that due to the high level if polyester that these would be really hot to wear in the Australian summer. PUMP! have used a blend of polyester (75%), Cotton (15%) and Spandex (10%), this blend makes your butt look more shapely and stretches across the thighs to make your body look taut and terrific. The waistband is a metallic finish to elastic, the elastic is not too tight and does not dig into your waist.

Quality: They have spent considerable time on the finish and I found it very difficult to find any flaws in the machining of the product. PUMP have finished the boxers with very clean lines and stitching. The black stitching complements the black trim on the legs and around the pouch. They have stated on their website that the colours used in the boxers are fade resistant, however, I have yet to test this theory.

Where to buy: These sexy modern boxers can be purchased through PUMP! They are relatively well priced at $36.00 CAD and would be a great addition to any underwear collection. Pump up your look, pump it up with PUMP!

Overall Rating ★★★★★
Fit ★★★★★ Very form fitting will make your ass look great
Style ★★★★★ Love the style, great graphics for younger men
Fabric ★★★★★ Soft, breathable, lightweight boxers
Quality ★★★★★ Near flawless quality
Size I Wore: M (I’m a 30″ waist)
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