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PUMP! Grand Prix Boxer – a Men’s Underwear Review

About six months ago, we came across PUMP!, a relatively new fashion company based in Montreal, Canada.  Their goal was to fill the gap in the underwear world with fresh and unique ideas.

I’ve found the PUMP! underwear line to be a form fitting underwear that not only looks sexy and modern, but their selection of materials used in makings these boxers make them quite comfortable to wear.

Unfortunately for me, I received a size Medium (I need a large in PUMP!), but fortunate for a friend of mine, I passed the sample off to him for inspection. Comments under fit are a guest review and comments for style, fabric and quality are really a joint effort as I took quite a bit of time looking over the sample I received.

Fit: The boxers really are form fitting – not to be confused with tight.  The boxer briefs hold snug to your body and highlight the various curves of the male form. The result is a boxer brief that really shows off your butt, but still leaves a comfortable amount of room in the pouch to keep you comfortable and supported.

Style: I have to say, I’m really a huge fan of the colors and patterns PUMP! has come up with.  Feeling a bit like a Grand Prix racer or, in other styles, a classic painter or even a street tagger can bring a little fun to your day!  The Grand Prix provides the classic checkered flag pattern with bright red piping to compliment the pattern.

Fabric: The fabric is made from a wonderful blend of cotton and spandex.  It’s really the spandex that gives you the soft feel and body-forming fit you desire.

Quality: It is quite evident that they have spent considerable time on the finish.  I can attest, from previous samples, that the fabric is fade-resistant; this is certainly another testament to its quality.

Where to buy: The Grand Prix boxer briefs can be purchased through PUMP! They are relatively well priced at roughly $25.00 USD ($36 CAD) and are a fun addition to any underwear collection.

PUMP! Size Chart
Sm: 28-30″
Med: 32-32″
Large: 33-34″

Menswear Review Ratings
Size Worn: M (Reviewer is a 30″ waist)

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