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Tease Boxer Brief: a Men’s Underwear Review

You may recall my post about a month ago where I introduced Tease Underwear, one of the newest brands on the market.  Today, I’m pleased to review their Samurai and Egyptian Cotton boxer briefs.

What I find pretty cool is that they use photos and paintings from friends and family in their designs to ensure uniqueness.  The designers tell me that the fabric selection used comes from a careful selection of beautiful, comfortable, and sustainably grown fabrics (such as organic cotton, bamboo and modal).  All of their collections are produced in Ilhota, Santa Catarina (Brazilian lingerie an bikini capital) and shipped in recycled packaging.

The Samurai and Egyptian Cotton boxer briefs are virtually the same; the biggest different between the two is the use of an Asian design on the Samurai and the Egyptian Cotton being solid.  The only other difference is the coloring on the waistband.  Other than these two distinctions, my review is really on both of these – the cut, comfort, and material are the same.

The material used in these boxer briefs come from a mix of 90% cotton and 10% Polyurethane to give you the soft gentle feel of cotton with enough stretch to keep it comfortable on your body and not stretch out.  Sometimes 100% cotton can get saggy after washing.  With a bit of polyurethane, they’re able to keep this from happening.  It is quite evident that a quality grade of material was used.

The look of the boxer brief is relatively standard as far as dimensions and pouch are concerned.  What makes Tease Underwear standout from the rest is colorful, truly unique waistbands and graphics.  The waistband is also not your run-of-the-mill waistband.  Aside from the beautiful coloring and design, they are a high-grade waistband material creating comfort with function.

The leg bands and pouch band are contrast in color to make them standout more as they provide excellent functionality.  In some brands, boxer brief legs tend to ride up unless they’re super tight.  For Tease, they’ve been able to find the right mix between comfort and function.  I didn’t have any problems with the legs riding up at all during the day.

All around, these boxer briefs – both the Samurai and the Egyptian Cotton – were incredibly comfortable.  A good sign of true comfort is how many times you grab for them in your drawer.  Over the past few weeks, when I looked in my drawer wanting something that I could be comfortable in all day – like the several times I’ve had to fly these past few weeks – I’ve consistently grabbed for Tease.  I get incredible comfort without sacrificing style.

I have been fortunate to get my hands on some of their women’s underwear; no, not for me.  I think they’ll make an excellent competitor for existing brands. My wife tried the Boyfriend Brief, a wonderful blend of modal and lycra, the G-String, made from organic cotton, and a Bikini, also made from organic cotton.  She was most impressed with the comfort and quality of the material AND the designs.  The unique of their designs, in combination with color selections, are what make Tease stand out.  You may think I’m a little odd, but it’s fun having matching skivvies, my wife would agree too. 🙂

The artistic nature of the collections for both men and women were fresh and appealing, the organic cotton was soft and comfortable, and the collections were conservative, but stylish.  Tease Underwear will be making these available online soon, I can’t wait!  Check out their website for additional product images and the latest news. and at

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Size I Wore: G (L) (I’m a 34″ waist)

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