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Testing Day – Piado Boxer Brief

Today is another testing day … this time it’s the Piado Boxer Brief.

After a long day and night of meetings, I came home last night to find a sample of the Piado Boxer Brief waiting for me in my mailbox.  First thoughts … I’m very impressed by the packaging (not that it effects the quality of the underwear but it certainly makes you feel like you’re getting a high-end product).  After opening the box and trying them on, my first impressions are great – very soft, stylish, and comfortable.  I’m going to be trying them today and will post a review in a day or two.  I generally like to to wear what I’m reviewing for a full a day, wash ’em, and see how they fit after they’ve been washed (according to the label).

Look for a review in the next few days ….

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