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Underhanger Boxer: a Men’s Underwear Review

Innovative ideas in men’s underwear continues to develop throughout the industry.  One of the more recently developments is from Underhanger. Underhanger is a new brand that has designed a boxer that includes and sewn-in insert to avoid chaffing and clinging, as is often the case with traditional boxers.  The notion behind the design is to reduce skin friction, leading to less sweat and odors.  In addition, it’s designed to allow more air movement to keep the package cool and comfortable.

Today’s review is on this new brand and on the Boxer in particular.  The concept is rather interesting and did work as promised.  As a new company, I’m sure they’ll have multiple iterations of their design.  As a early iteration of  the Underhanger, I was fairly pleased  but have identified areas of growth for the design.

Fit: What’s most interesting about remarking on the fit is what I thought I’d comment on and what I anticipated to be pros and cons.  The pouch area, which I thought would feel odd, was rather comfortable.  The design allowed for freedom of movement and comfort, avoided clinging, and kept me comfortable.  Where I found area an area for growth is really in the seat.  Usually a boxer has ample room in the butt, but the Underhanger Boxer was rather snug in back.  If Underhanger were to add more material to the rear, this would be very comfortable all around.

Style: As a new boxer the over style was rather traditional.  Available only in black, it was still an attractive boxer but won’t win any awards.  If you’re looking for a traditional look, you’ll be happy with the first boxer Underhanger has designed.  With the addition of colors and patterns, they could up their score considerably in the Style rating.

Fabric: The boxers are made from a synthetic blend of materials – 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex.  The material was ok, but nothing overly impressive.  It wasn’t bad, just average.

Quality: From a quality stand point, Underhanger seems to hold their own.  The stitching used was of good quality.  Material selection was average.

Overall, a fairly decent boxer with an innovative concept inside.  For frontal comfort, they hit home. Considering style, all around comfort, and material selection, and adding the innovative comfort of the front pouch pocket, they are an above average boxer.  For more information, check out the Underhanger website.

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Size Worn: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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