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What To Wear For New Year’s Eve

While there are a number of places to look for clothing suggestions for New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d take a different look at what you should be wearing underneath!  All to often, we forget the finishing touches of our New Year’s outfit – that being our underwear.

Many countries carry the tradition of wearing certain colored underwear depending on what your goals are for the upcoming year.  Wear RED if you want to get lucky (in love that is), wear YELLOW for good luck and prosperity throughout the year, wear GREEN for better luck, or BLUE for good fortune and harmony.

So, with that, I have some fun suggestions for the color of underwear you may wear this New Year’s Eve …

RED: Passion and Romance

Gregg Homme Kink Twin Thong

Intymen Slots Boxer

Mundo Unico Short Boxer Explosion

Intymen Veil Boxer

N2N Freedom Bikini

Olaf Benz Red 1183 Minipant

Olaf Benz Red 0965 String Tanga

Bum Chum Acid Anaconda Brief

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YELLOW: Good Luck and Prosperity

Bum Chum Solar Hipster

N2N Cotton Pouch

McKillop Power Jock

Mundo Unico Short Boxer Yellow

Obviously Chromatic Brief

Bum Chum Lemon Lush Hip Brief

Joe Snyder Metallic Bulge Bikini

Olaf Benz RED 1117 String Tanga

Toot Fruits Nano Boxer

Timoteo Sport Bikini

Olaf Benz RED 1117 Minipant

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GREEN: Better Luck

McKillop Power Jock

2xist Military No Show Brief

John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief

PUMP Brightlife Boxer

Clever Moda Acid Brief

Bjorn Borg Plaid Trunk

Todd and Terri Nicholas Trunk

Bum Chums Acid Oasis Hip Brief

Clever Moda Cyclone Brief

Toot Nano Boxer

Toot Fruits Four Leaf Boxer

2xist Contour Pouch Brief

2xist Colour Trunk

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BLUE: Good Fortune and Harmony

Gregg Homme BoyToy Boxer Brief

N2N Power G

Mundo Unico Short Boxer Cristales

Mundo Unico Short Boxer Coco

McKillop Power Pouch

Intymen Sports Brief

Ergowear MAX Conrast Boxer

Good Devil Net G

Good Devil Mesh Brief

PUMP Brief

Bum Chums Tool Belt

Bum Chums In2cooler

2xist Sliq Brief

Bum Chum Terra Firmer Hip Brief


Bjorn Borg



Good Devil

Gregg Homme


Joe Snyder

Mundo Unico

Mundo Unico

N2N Bodywear

Olaf Benz


Gregg Homme



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