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Equmen Boxer Briefs – you won’t be disappointed!

In a another post, I wrote accolades
about the Equmen Core Point undershirt. I’m about to do the same for
their trunk. The trunk comes a higher than usual price of $58 a pair
but are well worth it.

Made from the same material as the Core
Point undershirt, the trunks were just as soft, comfortable and
supportive as the shirt. The trunk had a snug fit – not to be
confused with a tight fit. One of the problems I often find with
trunks (boxer briefs) is the legs riding up throughout the day. With
the Equmen trunk, I didn’t have that problem at all. The legs stayed
just were they should. The engineering behind the trunks is just as
effective as it was on the shirt with their helix-mapping support.
My package and rear felt well supported throughout the day.

From a fashion/style perspective, I
found the trunks to have a masculine look to them while still
providing some sex appeal – let’s just say my wife liked them too.
Available in white, grey, blue or black, you should find a pair that
matches your taste.

I feel I put the briefs through a good
battery of tests. I spent my day wearing them under my business suit
and was very comfortable all day. After work I began my workout.
After lengthy exercising I found the trunks (and shirt) to breath
very well, wicking the moisture from me. After my workout, it was
time to shovel out from the foot of snow we were hit with during the
day. Again, I found both the trunk and shirt to perform very well –
wicking away moisture without making me cold.

In sum, they make a perfect undershirt
or base-layer. At $58 a pair they’re pricy, but worth the money.
You won’t be disappointed. The Equmen underwear also comes in a
brief and as long trunks. I haven’t tried these but if they’re
anything like the trunks, you’ll love them. I’ve added these to my
personal favorites list.


Overall Rating:  5/5

They do it all!

Style:  5/5
Masculine, stylish

Fabric:  5/5

It’s what makes the trunk so good

Fit:  5/5

Extremely comfortable for multiple activities

Quality:  5/5

Extremely high quality

Size I Wore:  L

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