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Equmen Core Precision Undershirt – do yourself a favor

The Equmen Core Precision is simply fantastic. When I first
tried it on, I was concerned it was going to be too tight. After a few minutes,
the shirt felt very comfortable. After moving too many Christmas decorations, I
had strained my back earlier in the week. Throughout the day, I couldn’t help
but notice how Equmen was actually helping my back. The design of the shirt
itself is engineered to reduce back pain and support your core.

According to Equmen, their shirt was made to fit tight in
order to give optimum performance. Equmen reports that the undershirt was
designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and ergonomic specialists to
improve posture, reduce back pain and provide core support.You can easily tell
from looking at the shirt that it was purposefully engineered to match your
physiology. The high quality fabric (73% polyester, 13% nylon, 14% spandex) is
really a very comfortable blend of materials.

From a comfort perspective, I’ve mentioned that the shirt
was comfortable all day (and this was under a dress shirt). What I haven’t
mentioned is that I typically am skeptical of v-neck shirts as the collar on
often doesn’t come high enough on my neck for my comfort. The Core Precision,
on the other hand fit like a glove and sat on my neck like a typical crew
It’s important to know that after I wore the Core Precision
all day under my business suit, I came home to exercise and then shovel the
foot of snow that was dumped during the day. I found the shirt to be incredible
for wicking away sweat without making me cold. In addition, the helix-mapping
helped my back-straining labor of shoveling heavy snow. I simply couldn’t have
asked for a better shirt.

I can easily see multiple purposes – as a typical
undershirt, for exercise, as a base-layer, and for its slimming qualities. I
haven’t mentioned this yet, but in high school I was a swimmer with a swimmer
build – college and marriage have added a few pounds. I really appreciated the
slimming power of the shirt. Have a wedding or class reunion you’re going to
attend? Get one of these to help you out!

The Core Precision undershirt is available in black, grey,
and white. It comes in a longsleeve, crewneck, and tanktop.  Main competitors are the RIPT Fusion ($58) and Sclulptee ($78).  RIPT gives you the slimming qualities but not the back support.  Sculptees gives you nearly the same qualities as Equmen.  Equmen gave me better back support, but Sculptees was better at slimming.

In sum, everyone guy should own at least one of the Core
Precision undershirts. If you have back problems, you should probably own a
few. At $99 each they are expensive but oh so worth it.  I haven’t tried the longsleeve or
tanktop but can only assume they’re just as awesome as the v-neck.  I’ve just added Equmen to my list of favorites.


Overall Rating:  5/5

Worth the money 

Style:  5/5
Great styling and helps you look slimmer

Fabric:  5/5

It’s what makes it so great

Fit:  5/5

Fit like a glove and was comfortable all day

Quality:  5/5

Extremely well design and constructed

Size I Wore:  L

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