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McKillop U/W Jock – A Review

Over the years I’ve tried a number of jockstraps.  Some I wear simply for fashion sake and some I wear for sports.  Rarely am I able to wear one for both needs – until now.  A relatively new men’s underwear brand, McKillop U/W, has two styles of jocks – a 1.5″ and a 3″ waistband.  I was fortunate enough to try their 1.5″ jock and their 3″ pouch (which I’ll review later today).

The McKillop No 1.5 Jock is their thin waistband jock.  The jock is made from a soft mesh blend of 86% polyester/14% spandex.  The mesh offers just enough to peak the interest of observers yet maintain a masculine look to it.  The 1.5 jock is available in white and orange – I hope to see some additional colors as McKillop expands their line.  Word has it that McKillop U/W is coming out with a sheer line which should be exciting to see.  

On fit and comfort I was quite pleased.  While I wear jocks for sports, I really like to wear jocks in the summer to keep things cool (or hot depending on how you look at it, wink) and when I wear white shorts.  I found the McKillop jock to be very comfortable – more so than many other brands I’ve tried.   The jock’s leg straps fit perfectly on me – just under my cheeks to life and provide comfort.  I’ve found other brands to sometimes have the straps ride too high where they cross my rear rather than lift my buns.  The pouch was very roomy and supported me well.  For the waistband, it isn’t anything flashy but does the job wonderfully.  The waistband sat nicely on me and was comfortable.  Being a thin waistband I was worried it would cut into me, but it didn’t at all.

All in all, I can confidently say this is one of my favorite jocks to wear – one because it looks great and two because it serves as a real jock (not just for show).  I would highly recommend this to others.  Hang on before buying until you read my post later today on their pouch – you’ll want to buy both! 

About McKillop U/W

For those of you unfamiliar with McKillop (as I was), the brand was developed by Ryan McKillop who has been better known as an independent fashion and costume designer (as a man with a BA in Theater I can appreciate a great costume designer!).  Also known for his custom luxury creations, Ryan McKillop has designed some fabulous men’s and women’s wear.  In late 2007, Ryan started McKillop U/W to create masculine, fashionable AND comfortable underwear.  You can find out more at McKillop U/W.

McKillop U/W

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Overall Rating:  4.9/5

Fashion and comfort meet 

Style:  5/5 
Masculine and sexy
Fabric:  4/5

Nice mesh material 

Fit:  5/5

One of the most comfortable I’ve tried

Quality:  5/5

Seem to be put together very well 

Size I Wore:  M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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