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MPG Practice Pant Review: a Men’s Clothing Review

Looking for comfort, quality and performance?  I’ve found it in Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG).  I love finding a brand that knocks my socks off with the very first review.  Today’s review is on the Mondetta Performance Gear Practice Pant.

For those of you new to MPG, like me, they are a brand who strive to combine performance functionality with fashionable looks.  MPG, well known by yoga enthusiasts and dancers, has driven themselves into the athletic arena of performance gear.  The MPG Practice Pant works well for training, walking, warm ups, general exercise, and leisure; this is, perhaps, one of the most versatile practice pants I’ve found.  Often, you can find one that hits just one or two areas of need, but rarely all of your needs.

Perhaps what I like best about MPG is its more refined looked.  While they excel as performance gear, they provide a classy up-scale look.  While some brands have the functionality, they all too often lack a sophisticated look – limiting themselves to a sweatsuit look or one that is overly baggy.  The materials used, stitching, and cut creates an exemplary product line.

The material selected for the Practice Pant is a poly-spandex performance jersey; this incredible blend provides for a 4-way stretch and is moisture-wicking to keep you dry during those tough workouts.  This material not only looks good and feels good, it provided me great stretchability during my workouts – providing me resistance-free full-body movement.

The waistband is a comfortable made from a ribbed material with a poly-spandex lining and closes with a drawcord.  The scooped pockets add the refined, up-scale look.  Again, all of these subtle touches are what take these beyond your standard practice pant to a highly versatile pant.  I can easily wear these for my workouts or simply for bumming around.

I hold my perfect scores for products in which I cannot find anything I would change or do differently; the MPG Practice Pant has rightfully earned a perfect score.  I can honestly say that these are by far my favorite pair of athletic pants, yoga pants, walking pants, leisure pants, …. you get the idea.  If you don’t check out MPG, you’re missing out.  My wife has been a huge fan of Athletica and after seeing the MPG line, she’s ready to switch over to MPG – they are simply that incredible.

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Size I Wore: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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