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New Jack Adams Air Mesh Shorts at Jockstrap Central

New Jack Adams Air Mesh Shorts at Jockstrap Central!

It’s been quite a while since Jockstrap Central launched both the Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym Shorts and Air Mesh Track Shorts and both styles are still selling like hot cakes for them so it was a no-brainer to bring in more colors of these awesome and decidedly sexy shorts. Although both styles are made with Jack Adams’ awesome Air Mesh, they differ in many ways:

Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym Shorts: Set to be your most favorite short… ever. And not just for the gym, you’ll love them as comfies while lounging around the house or even as a fun and exciting bold short to wear on the street with your favorite high tops. Of course the best feature in our opinion is the fact that they’re completely unlined so at the gym, wear them with your favorite jockstrap but anywhere else, be free and go commando. You’ll love the sensation of the air flowing through the micro-mesh tickling your boys, they’re partially see-through so you’ll be visually tickling everyone else with the view, and they’re wide enough in the leg that you may even experience some upshorts exposure (by accident, of course!) .

Jack Adams Air Mesh Track Shorts: While not (quite) as adventurous as the unlined Gym Shorts, the Track shorts get their sexy quality simply because they’re short, and I mean really short. They’re a 1970’s retro style short short throwback with a super low rise of 8 inches and an inseam of only 3 inches and a side split up each leg for enhanced movement. Although lined, air will flow freely when you work up a sweat. And speaking of lining, in the case of the non-white versions, the white lining showing through the outer mesh has the added bonus of really defining your bulge. Whether it’s for unencumbered movement during track or any sport or simply to show off, Jack Adams Air Mesh Track Shorts will do the trick.

Check out the Jockstrap Central website to see their models Seamus showing off the new Track Shorts and Caleb King showing off the new Gym short.”




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