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Top 10 Sexiest Men’s Long Underwear

Menswear Review 2013
Top 10 Sexiest Long Underwear

As winter settles in and the cold causes us to shiver, it’s time to think about long underwear. Known as long underwear, long johns, thermal underwear, spats, or whatever you may call them in your part of the world, keeping warm in the winter months is important. The challenge in keeping warm with long underwear, is also trying to find a pair that fits well, keeps you warm, and doesn’t make you look like an idiot. I recall the days of my youth, we had one option – hideous looking thermal long underwear that made you look like you were wearing an over-sized diaper. You remember “the look” of the old-style long underwear; they may be warm, but they are seriously ugly and not very comfortable. 🙁

All too often, when you look to purchase a pair of men’s long underwear, all you can find are styles that look baggy, sit half way up your chest, and simply just make you look bad. What do I want? I want a pair of long underwear that not only keep me warm, but makes me look good too! Really, is that too much to ask?

So, this leads Menswear Review to publish our Top 10 list of the sexiest men’s long underwear. Just like the rest of our underwear, it needs to fit well, but we also need to look good in the process!

Click HERE to see the Top 10 Sexiest Men’s Long Underwear!

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